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Why Own a Prairie Dog as a Pet?


Prairie dogs are affectionate, loving creatures largely, if not entirely due to their social structure in nature. Wild Prairie dogs live in large communal groups, called towns or coteries, where they depend on each other for protection, affection, grooming, play, and more. When baby Prairie dogs are weaned and then brought up in a human environment, they quickly and easily subsitute people for their colony family. Properly handled Prairie dogs will seek you out as their 'best' buddy and desire to be at your side or in your lap a large portion of the time they are out of the cage. 


Pet Prairie dogs do not do well if they are in an environment where there is little interaction with them. They are social, not solitary animals. Their need for companionship is intense. Solitary Prairie dogs or those that are seldom played with can become excessively protective of thier cage and its contents, destructive and a general pain in the neck! Do not get a Prairie dog if you cannot fulfill its need for attention.

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