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What is Gliderade?

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Gliderade is a powdered, vitamin enriched, nectar supplement that is fed to Sugar Gliders. The powdered product is mixed with water in a ratio of 4-5 parts of water to 1 part of Gliderade powder. This mixture forms a thick nectar that Sugar Gliders love. When mixing, you can use any measuring device that you wish (teaspoon, cup, etc.) just make sure you mix 1 part of the powder with 4-5 parts of water. Use 4 parts of water if you like a thicker nectar, or 5 parts of water if you like it thinner. 

Sugar Gliders love Gliderade! Gliderade provides carbohydrates to meet Sugar Gliders' high metabolic needs. It also supplies other needed nutrients and easily assimilated bee pollen. It can be provided daily as a dietary supplement. Can also be used as a top-dressing on the foods or fruits. 

Lactating females can also benefit from Gliderade. 

In nature, these insectivorous mammals (Sugar Gliders) consure large portions of nectar and pollen. They have a great need for carbohydrates because of their high metabolism. Gliderade provides this nutritional element as well as easliy assimilated bee pollen. 

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