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Different Colors of Sugar Gliders

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CLASSIC GRAY - the natural wild color in which all colors have originated from, will have the familiar bar under the ear

classic grey







- all white, red eyes









CREAMINO - cream colored body with tawny/tan/apricot markings where a wild type is black/brown, garnet eyes, a white glider with brown to red coloration on it’s body.









LEUCISTIC - all white, black eyes


BLACK BEAUTY - variation of Classic Gray, has much bolder and darker black markings, with the dark bands on the fingers as well as a pronounced chin strap which a dark band under the neck

black beauty

 PLATINUM - White/light gray body with light to medium gray markings where a wild type is black/brown, black eyes









CEDAR RED - darker red than the Mahogany Red, a “true red”

cedar red

MAHOGANY RED - a very light colored red throughout

mah. red

LION - more Golden in color than that of a Classic. There is also a White Face Variety.


CARAMEL SUGAR GLIDERS -  about 20% larger than traditional sugar gliders with a caramel colored body, white hands, and a cream face, Caramels are traditional Caramel color and varying shades of gray.  They have large ears, which makes them simply look larger.


 Other Varieties Not Pictured

  • Mahogany Red Albino - newest variation of Mahogany Red, light colored eyes, Mahogany Red coloration
  • Mahogany Red White Face - Mahogany Red coloration, but have White Face as well.  White Face (like the White Face Blonde) has mostly a white face, without a bar under their ears that is seen in most normals.
  • Mosaics - any pattern broken up by white or another color.  
  • Creamino Mosaic - a sugar glider that is showing off two color types at once.
  • Mahogany Red Mosaics - Mahogany Red Coloration, as well as being a Mosaic.
  • Other varieties include Piebald, Marbled, Reverse Stripe, Ringtail and White, True Platinum Mosaic, Creme~ino Mosaic, as well as Mahogany Red Mosaic.
  • Piebald Mosaics - variation of Mosaic in which there is a distinct pattern somewhere in the fur.  Some have spots, or beauty marks, while others have symmetrical markings.
  • Reverse Stripe Mosaic - any variety of Mosaic with a white line throughout the entire stripe in the back, or a partial stripe.  Normally the stripe is a darker color on any glider, but in this case there is white.
  • Ringtail Mosaics - any pattern broken up by white, along with rings on the tail.  Some rings are quite large, while others are more defined.
  • Ruby Leu - have a white coat like the Leucistic, with the red colored eyes of the Creme~ino.   
  • True Platinum Mosaics - displaying 2 color traits. coloration can range from the light colored Silverbelles, to Red Platinum as well as Dark Platinum.
  • White Face Blondes - similar to the Classic Gray, but without the bar under the ear. Fur is more light and silvery all over the body.
  • White Mosaic - has very little coloration on their body other than white. May have a few dark markings or even just a few very light gray markings, but not pure white like a Leucistic.   Some even have little gray or black dots on their ears that breeders call “Cow Ears”.

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