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Meaning Behind Your Sugar Glider's Noises

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  • Sounds like: a locust, graduating in pitch then decreasing, gurgulling
  • Very loud and can be heard across the house, screeching noise that is emitted repeatedly
  • Considered the most common sound that sugar gliders make.
  • Reason: aggitation, fear, warning call, cry for attention.


  • Sounds like: yipping from a chihuahua.
  • Reason: boredom, excitement, annoyance, calling to someone, sometimes seems like no reason at all.


  • Sounds like: a mix of crabbing, barking, and general noise from the cage because the sugar gliders are usually jumping around.
  • Reason: annoyance, fussing, fighting, dominance.


  • Sounds like: whining.
  • Basically only made by joeys, or a new sugar glider missing its family.
  • Means: bad.

Hissing / Sneezing

  • Sounds like: snake hiss, very short and deliberate hisses, repetitive.
  • Sugar gliders frequently groom themselves by spitting into their hands (making a sneezing or hissing sound), and then washing themselves with it. It’s a ritual that’s very similar to a cat licking it’s paw and then grooming itself. This activity could cause the hissing/sneezing noise.
  • Watch their body language when they make this sound to tell if they are in pain or just annoyed/afraid. If the tail is straight up in the air and they seem to be hunched over, chances are they are having a hard time going to the bathroom and this problem needs to be corrected. Or if it's winter they may be sneezing from a respiratory infection.
  • Reason: agitation, fright, pain, sometimes seems like no reason at all, sound made during grooming. 

Chirping / Chattering / Clicking

  • Sounds like: teeth chattering mixed with low pitched squeaks, similar to the noise a guinea pig makes, half-purring / half-chirping.
  • Reason: happy, content, usually enjoying a favorite food.


  • Sounds like: a cat’s purr, or a small drum beating very fast and low, or a fast heart beat
  • Very faint - sugar glider would need to be within inches of your face for you to hear
  • Reason: happy, content.


  • Sounds like: a song, changes in pitches and sounds, a churcling noise.
  • Basically only made by female sugar gliders singing to their joey.
  • Reason: wanting to comfort joey, happy, content.

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