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Exercise For Chinchillas

It is important to provide your chinchilla with opportunities to exercise in order to stay fit and healthy. Chinchillas are athletic animals native to the mountains of South America, so they are designed to run quickly and jump to and from different rock levels. While this type of mobile environment may be difficult to replicate at home, Exotic Nutrition offers the best products to promote exercise for your chinchilla.
It is essential to have a well-equipped cage in order to promote good health and a sense of security for your chinchilla – which leads to a longer lifespan. The minimal cage requirement for a chinchilla is 24 inches cubed, but taller cages like Exotic Nutrition’s Tower Cage or Congo Cage are recommended. If your cage does not meet the minimal cage requirements, everyday playtime outside the cage is necessary for your chinchilla’s health and well-being.
All chinchilla cages should have an exercise wheel, some toys and accessories, and enough room for free space. Running on an exercise wheel provides animals with some of the same health benefits of running in the wild while also helping to fight respiratory infections. Having an exercise wheel that is chew-proof and non-enclosed is mandatory for the safety of your chinchilla. Exotic Nutrition offers the most durable, all-metal flying saucer-styled wheel in the industry, the Treadmill Wheel. Cage accessories, like houses and tunnels, can stimulate interest for chinchillas while provoking vigorous activity. Exotic Nutrition’s Large Oval Hut encourages cardiovascular exercise that helps keep a chinchilla bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. 
Following these simple suggestions, you can be a successful pet owner and provide your Chinchilla with a life full of activity. 
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