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Cage Finishes...Don't be Fooled!

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Certain companies that sell pet cages tout a 'Medical Grade Finish' or a cage finish that is unique to their cages ... this is simply not true.

It's a ploy to get you to buy their cages. There is no such thing as 'medical grade finishes' on pet cages. Companies use this ploy (to create fear) state that if you do not purchase 'their' cages ... your pet will be in danger ... this is a ploy. These companies charge exorbitant prices for cages with the same exact finishes that are used in the manufacture of Exotic Nutrition cages. Don't be fooled and end up spending 30%-40% more for the same exact cage ... with the same exact finish.

Do not be fooled into thinking that a company offering 'unique' wire or 'Medical grade' finish offer something different ... they don't. What they actually offer is a powder coat finish ... exactly the same as our cages. These companies over price their cages, and have to justify the higher pricing by fooling you into thinking their cages are unique... they are not.

The medical profession does not make pet cages, nor do they make the wire used for pet cages. The only 'Medical Grade wire' available is Medical Grade Stainless Steel ... and pet cages are not made from this material, the bar spacing is too large (1 inch). Some larger parrot cages with 1 inch bar spacing (not suitable for Sugar Gliders and other small animals) are made from this 'Medical Grade' stainless steel (very expensive) ... but again, are made for parrots .. not Sugar Gliders and other small animals. The bar spacing is much too wide for small animals which require 1/2 inch bar spacing.

The bar spacing on all of our cages is ½ inch wide and the wire construction is finished in a heavy powder coated (animal safe) finish containing no lead or zinc. This is the best finish available for pet cages.

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