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ZooPro Pet Travel Cage

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Exotic Nutrition’s ZooPro Pet Travel Cage is the ideal carrier or temporary home for a variety of small mammals and birds. This cage is suitable for short term housing, traveling or  emergency situations. This cage measures 19 1⁄2” Long x 15” Wide, 19’’ High with 1⁄2” wire spacing and weighs approximately 20 pounds.

  • Includes plastic feed/water dishes, wooden climbing post, exterior perch/handle
  • Powder coat finish to protect against rust for long lasting use
  • Safe 1⁄2 inch bar spacing - perfect for small pets like sugar gliders
  • Seatbelt attachment for safe car travel
  • Carrier or temporary home for a variety of small mammals and birds
  • Ideal for short term housing, traveling or emergency situations (health quarantine)
  • Wire grate floor sits above the catch tray for easy cleaning
  • Suggested for any small animal (under 15 lb.)
  • Try the Pet Travel Cage Cover for extra privacy
This is a great intro cage for new pets that need to be acclimated to the home. Use this cage to temporarily separate an injured pet for safety, or as a quanrantine cage for a sick pet to keep separate from other cage mates.
Designed with a powder coat for long lasting use, this cage is far sturdier than most travel cages or carriers on the market. The large design provides plenty of interior space for your pet to feel content while remaining secure inside. It is built with a seatbelt attachment for safe car travel. Also included are plastic feed/water dishes, a wooden climbing post inside the cage, plus an exterior perch on top. There is a removeable wired grate held in place with a locking  mechanism and a solid catch tray that allows for easy cleaning during travel. 

Notice: We do not accept returns or exchanges of travel cages. See our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on May 19, 2023

Worked perfect for my African Grey parrot in our motor home. So he travels with us. -Robert S

by Frank on December 24, 2022

This a very sturdy carry cage. It's well made, a little heavy. It's better tha anything similar out there for the money. - Frank S.

by Anonymous on April 19, 2022

Cage is exactly what I needed for a small temporary cage/travel cage. Very well made and has large access door to fit wheel and accessories. - Theresa W.

by Anonymous on January 24, 2022

We just added a 4th travel cage for our growing critter family. These are very rugged & sturdy cages - they’re not lightweight junk like most small animal cages. My only suggestion would be that during travel, the the spring-loaded tab that holds the pan & cage bottom in place can rotate out of the way. This potentially could allow the cage bottom to fall out if not noticed, allowing smaller animals to escape. I simply bent the end of the tab over, so it now locks under the tray handle, and we’ve not experienced any further issues. -Pete G.

by Anonymous on June 11, 2021

I assembled the cage in about 20 minutes. All the parts were there and the plans were easy to read. Being a Travel Cage, I can understand why there are no platforms with the unit. The plastic trays are too easy to tip over with my rambunctious animal so I bought several red aluminum cups & wing nut holders and that does the trick. Heavy and strong cage. Very Happy! -Dik M.

by Anonymous on June 9, 2021

Absolutely love this cage! Used it as a travel cage for my sugar gliders, and it was perfect size, sturdy, and their giant wheel fit inside with enough space for two pouches, feeders and their toys without being overcrowded. The door lock is secure and hard to open. The latch on the bottom that keeps the tray from sliding out is tight and secure ( make sure you install the spring provided and make it as tight as you want it to be). If you assemble it right, there’s no gaps to escape. The bar spacing is right for sugar gliders and the bars are thicker than the ones you get in bird and other critter cages, which is better for them. I don’t usually do reviews, but was really in love with this cage. -Larissa D.

by Althompson0110 on March 18, 2021

A tad upset it didn't come with a screw that fit the bottom of the door so I have to now go to the store and buy multiple packs around the same size and hope one fits. Pretty disappointed. -Ariel T.

[Response from Seller: We're sorry to hear that your cage was missing a screw Ariel. Next time please reach out to our friendly & helpful customer support staff and we'd be happy to take care of that for you. Otherwise we hope you are satisfied with the travel cage.]

by Anonymous on March 7, 2021

These are good, sturdy, solid cages. They’re not light, so it’s a bit more effort to tote it around, but that’s kind of the point. I’ve seen other reviewers complain about the open bars on the cage bottom. Being travel cages(for our use, anyway) that isn’t a problem since they’re not for permanent use. Besides, these aren’t small round wire like most cages, but rather a stamped floor with slots. The door latch is very solid & would be difficult to accidentally unlatch while transporting. However, the spring latch for the bottom tray, which also retains the floor of the cage, isn’t quite as secure. That leaves a slight potential for the tray & cage floor to slide out accidentally, which could allow smaller critters to escape. One of ours actually unlatched while driving, though fortunately neither the tray nor floor moved. -Wade G.

by Klinton on February 15, 2021

It is a perfect travel cage!!! -Klinton V.

by Anonymous on January 30, 2021

I was so excited about a sturdy metal temporary cage for when I have my rats at work with me. But the floor of this is NOT rat friendly. It needs a plastic tray on top of the wire bottom, not under it. This is clearly made for birds, not rats. If they provided an optional plastic tray for on top it would be perfect. It’s an odd size so I can’t even find one elsewhere to fit. Bummer. -Connie O.

by Anonymous on January 9, 2021

The only thing I don’t like about this travel/quarantine/sick cage is that it has a wire bottom which is NOT good for any animal’s feet because it will cause bumblefoot. Bumblefoot is an infection caused by uneven pressure on the feet due to standing on wire or grid flooring. I suggest that this company simply remove the wire floor and the pull out tray and replace them with smooth flooring to protect small feet. Otherwise my only dislike to this product would be that it seems too big to take on the bus. Companies often forget about single pet parents who live alone and do not have the monetary means/capabilities to travel by car. I do like that this is the only carrier on the market that I could find that is not only all metal, but POWDER COATED metal! Rat urine can erode metal. So by far it certainly has a lot of potential as a future purchase from me. I don’t care about price; I simply care about my animals’ safety and how bus-friendly it is. -Shane C.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your comments Shane. The reason this cage is designed with a wire floor is to provide a more hygienic living space for pets who tend to poop/pee without regard. We can assure you that the wire flooring is perfectly safe to use for a few days or during other temporary stays, and it'll be much more clean so your pet is not walking through their own waste. We hope this information helps!]

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