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Worm Combo Pack / 5 lb. Mealworms & 5 lb. Calci-Yum Worms

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New from Exotic Nutrition! A protein-packed combination of dried insect favorites including NEW sun-dried Calci-Yum Worms and freeze Dried Mealworms. Excellent source of protein and calcium for chickens, guinea hens, ducks, turkeys, robins, sparrows and other wild birds.

  • Includes (1) Calci-Yum Worms 5 lb. bag & (1) Dried Mealworms 5 lb. bag
  • *See individual listings for specific nutritional information, ingredients, and guaranteed analysis

Dried Mealworms: Exotic Nutrition is one of the leading suppliers of Dried Mealworms in the U.S. We offer the highest quality dried mealworms on the market, shipped direct to your door. Live mealworms are frozen and then freeze-dried to maintain their nutritional value. Non-GMO, no added colors, flavors, or preservatives. FDA & USDA approved, 100% natural, nutritious diet you can trust. Easier to handle & store than live mealworms - no refrigeration needed, won’t crawl out of feeders, floats on water. Shipped in heat-sealed plastic bags to maintain freshness!

Calci-Yum Worms: Dried Calci-Yum Worms (black soldier fly larvae) offer your pets an all natural calcium rich treat. Black soldier fly larvae are considered the best new alternative for incorporating calcium and protein into an animal's diet. During its larva phase, the black soldier fly feeds off various kinds of organic material, converting this to proteins. This is why Calci-Yum Worms have such a high nutritional value. The variety of natural colors are eye-catching to all animals and the great taste will keep them coming back for more! Calci-Yum Worms are naturally sun-dried to maintain their nutritional value and store for a year or longer. No refrigeration necessary! 

Importance of Calcium: Research has shown that a natural feed with balanced Ca:P ratios increases animal health and contributes to stronger bones and shiny feathers. Calcium is especially important for laying birds because a lack of it can result in poor laying, soft shells, and can cause behavior problems such as egg eating as the bird tries to recoup the much needed calcium. Look what one customer has to say - "Very happy that this calcium treat has helped with my chicken's eggshell texture and new feather growth. Highly recommend!". These black soldier fly larvae have a Calcium ppm of 8155 while Dried Mealworms have a Calcium ppm of only 133 (view nutritional comparison chart in additional photos).

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by on February 5, 2019

I didn't listen to the online reviews that stated their chickens didn't like the Calci-Yum worms, so I bought 5 pounds of Calci-Yum worms, and 10 pounds EZ worms (the combination of Meal worms and Calci-Yum worms). My back yard wild Blue Birds (BB) didn't like the Calci-Yum worms either. They tossed the Calci-Yum worms on the ground to eat only the meal worms if I mixed those 2 together. I don't blame them since 90% of the Calci-Yum worms are black, and they have strong odor. Lesson learned. Very disappointed.

by on October 18, 2018

Great value. My chickens loved the products. I now have a new pet supply connection. Thanks for the great service. -Tina T.

by on September 23, 2018

Thank you for the large order of worms. Always appreciate the fast response time and as usual the great condition the mealworms were in. -Mark D. C.

by on April 12, 2018

Mealworms and calci-worms appear to be of excellent quality and are consumed enthusiastically by bluebirds, wrens, woodpeckers, tufted titmice and other wild feathered visitors. -Peg G.

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