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Wodent Wheel Sandy Trimmer TRACK ONLY FOR 8"

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  • Safe & easy way to keep your pet's nails trimmed
  • The plastic track has a soft sand abrasive material permanently bonded to it
  • Tracks fit into Wodent Wheel 8" for automatic nail trimming
  • Washable for easy maintenance

If you already own a Wodent Wheel, a Sandy Trimmer Track is the perfect addition! Exotic Nutrition's Sandy Trimmer Track fits into the Wodent Wheel for nail trimming use. Suggested for Hamsters, Sugar Gliders and larger mice. Color - Green Track. This track has a soft sand abrasive interior finish. Your pet's nails are trimmed automatically as they run in a Sandy Trimmer Wheel . Simply disassemble your Wodent Wheel, replace the regular track with the Sandy Trimmer Track (see below for video direction), and place the wheel in your pets cage for 24-36 hours to automatically trim their nails with use. Sharp nails can cause scratches. One way to avoid this is to trim your pets nails on a regular basis. The new Sandy Trimmer Wheel makes this task easy! This is a glider-safe plastic track, with soft abrasive material permanently bonded to it. The track is washable for easy maintenance. *Measure the diameter of your wheel before you select the size of your Sandy Track.* Measure across the center of your wheel; it will be 8 inches, 11 inches, or 12 inches across. Select the proper Sandy Track size to fit the wheel.

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by on May 23, 2018

Exactly what I needed. Now my sugar gliders can exercise up a storm and trim their nails. -Myrna F.

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