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Junior Wodent Wheel 8"

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The Junior Wodent Wheel 8" provides a fun fitness experience for small animals. This wheel features a safe running surface with ridges. The included heavy duty wire stand lets you use it as a free-standing wheel. The five openings offer multiple points of entry, while the solid rear wall offers extra support and comfort as your pet runs. The 8-inch wheel is ideal for mice, hamsters, and other small rodents.

  • Provides a fun fitness experience for small animals.
  • Features a safe running surface with ridges.
  • The included heavy duty wire stand lets you use it as a free-standing wheel.
  • Encourages safe and healthy exercise.
  • Available in three different sizes— Junior 8", Senior 11" and Wobust 12"

Measures: 8-inch diameter, 2.6-inch wide track, and 2.1-inch entry holes. Overall height (on the stand) is 9.1-inches.

Cleaning: Wipe down the wheel with a non-toxic disinfectant wipe (Nature's Miracle Cage Wipes) or spray (Kage Kleen). Wash thoroughly at least once per week by disassembling the wheel and cleaning with warm soapy water, rinsing, and allowing to air dry completely. Wheel is also dishwasher safe, top rack only. 

Looking for something safe & silent? The Silent Runner Wheels are strongly suggested for their innovative safety design features including no dangerous center axel and ball bearings for a smoother & quiet spin. Purchase the Cage Attachment to mount your Silent Runner Wheel directly to the side of any wired cage......features not offered with Wodent Wheels.

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by Anonymous on April 11, 2017

My hamster loves his wheel and is far safer than the older type. He will often watch what is going on from inside the wheel, it's easy to clean and replacement parts are easy to get.

by Anonymous on March 23, 2023

Perfect fit for our temporary baby teddy hamster cage. As he gets bigger, we already have the bigger whisper wheel from exotic nutrition. With their wheels, they are never a disappointment. It is quiet, reliable, easy to clean, fits in smaller spaces perfectly, and our hamster absolutely loves it! Absolutely recommend and the added bonus with the sander, he doesn’t have any pinchy little nails! Works great at sanding them down, just remember to take it out once that is done so your lil fur babe does not get raw paw pads from rubbing too much. -Stacie P

by Jenniann39 on March 1, 2023

I bought the 8" wodent wheel for my gerbil. She took a liking to it IMMEDIATELY! She runs on her wheel all the time now. I'm SO glad I purchased this wodent wheel. -Jennifer P

by Anonymous on July 14, 2022

my syrian is absolutely obsessed with her new wheel!! -Grayce R.

by Anonymous on March 13, 2022

I have had my panda hamster for over two years. The first week we had him, he bit my niece. I knew I needed to find a way to release some of his energy and the wheel we had was not begin used. After we purchased the Wodent wheel I realized a change in Buddy. He started going on the wheel every night around the same time. The wheel is pretty quiet so we are not being bothered by his activity. (Bonus) He literally runs for hours and tires himself out. I imagine that it may simulate running through tunnels. Now, in the mornings, he seems ready to engage and often makes a sound (a gentle noise that seems like a pur) when I put him on my shoulder and pet him. I really want to thank whoever created this wheel and in my opinion, it should be the standard equipment for any person who shares a home with a hamster. - Beth L.

by Anonymous on August 29, 2021

I love this wheel great get it you won’t regret! -Brynlee F.

by anf1304 on February 8, 2021

I bought this wheel for my dwarf hamster, and he is not able to run on it at all because the wheel is so stiff. To try to fix it I put oil on it thinking it would make it easier to run on like the kaytee wheel that he once had but I still had the same results that I had in the beginning. -Aliyah F.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Aliyah. We recommend trying out the Silent Runner Wheel for your hamster. Best of luck!]

by Anonymous on September 28, 2020

My Winter white ham loves this wheel, he has no trouble using it despite him being tiny. It is very quiet and easy to clean once you figure out how to take it apart and put it back together, it's quite simple. It was only a bit confusing at first since I never owned a wheel like this before. Highly recommend -Shelby G.

by Anonymous on September 22, 2020

This is by far the highest quality, quietest wheel I have ever had the pleasure of owning and dealing with. I have had experience with every commercially made wheel type imaginable for nearly every small exotic pet imaginable. This by far beats every one of them. My Chinese dwarf hamster absolutely loves it and the only time I can hear it is when he puts food or bedding in it. He also loves to just hang out in it. -Reanna K.

by Anonymous on August 9, 2020

bought this for my robo hamster, and she loves it!!! quiet,cute,cheap. really recommend -Kailey D.

by Anonymous on June 8, 2020

Bought this for my hammy since her last wheel was way too small and she loves it and uses it for more then just running and loves the holes definitely recommend ❤️

by Anonymous on April 21, 2020

this wheel is not quiet whatsoever... but, my robo loves it. currently writing this review at 3 am because she woke me up. -Shelby S.

by Anonymous on March 31, 2020

It's not silent at all. After two months it was loud. Now it's squeaky and wakes me up and I am a heavy sleeper. Manufacturer [Transonic] has been ignoring my messages. Waste of money and since I had to pay shipping for Canada. -Tanisha B.

by Anonymous on March 18, 2020

It's not that quiet. My other wheel was made silent when I wrapped yarn behind it. This sounds like bubbles popping, water dripping, and paper being waved around all at the same time. My Syrian hamster loves it and fits beautifully within it (11.5 inch wheel). So here's hoping I can sleep thru the noise. -Nanny S.

by Anonymous on March 11, 2020

I got this wheel in the 8” for my Syrian hamster because she is really tiny and if I got the 11 inch that would be crazy but she fits perfect when I put it in the cage it was day time and she was still sleeping but she immediately got up and started running on it and figured it out right away. The only problem I have which is not to do with the wheel is she keeps putting seeds on it and runs on it causing still a lot of noise. -Alexis J.

by Anonymous on February 27, 2020

Love the wheel just put it in since my last one for my hamster was super noisy and this one is not half as noisy as the other and hamster seems to like it would definitely recommend -Kamryn

by mollykateaf on January 10, 2020

This wheel is great! The only issue I've had is that it's set a little lower on the stand than my hamsters old wheel, so I had to tape it to some cardboard so it won't sink into the bedding. My hamster is notorious for burying things in her cage! However, she clearly loves this wheel. She's very curious, and I think she enjoys peering out through the cutouts in this wheel. I got the 8 inch for my dwarf hamster. Please get a 12 inch if you have a Syrian!! (teddy bears, panda, whatever the pet store calls them) I would recommend this wheel to anyone and would repurchase if necessary. -Molly B.

by Anonymous on June 26, 2019

The only problem I have with this wheel is that I should have bought 2. My 2 gerbils love this wheel so much that sometimes they have arguments over whose turn it is to run in it. The little holes attract them right away. It's the right size for their bodies, will not hurt their feet or tails. If I upgrade their tank I definitely will be getting another. Cleaning the wheel is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. -Amy F.

by Anonymous on June 6, 2019

This is the best wheel ever!! It is super safe!! If your pet starts going to fast it it won't be able to fly out of it!! This wheel is worth your money!! It is literally the best wheel ever!! It's also really easy to clean and since it's "silent" it doesn't make as much noise as other wheels, which is a bonus when you are sleeping at night!! The pet running in it will not gets its feet stuck while running!! Get this wheel please!! -Morgan

by Anonymous on June 1, 2019

In my opinion only of all the other ones I ever had. This one is the best one I ever bought. It’s silent and my hamster doesn’t get his little feet stuck anywhere. I love it I would buy again if I had to. Thanks! -Margarita P.

by Anonymous on April 4, 2019

This wheel is amazing!! Not only does my hamster love it but so do I. It is also a lot easier to sleep at night because of how quite it is. I've been told it even sounds like rain which made them feel calm. -Melanie T.

by ciarrasenger on February 21, 2019

I just got my Wodent Wheel delivered a few days ago and I’m so impressed! My hamster never used any wheel I got before! He showed no interest in an open wheel and didn’t understand the saucer type! But he absolutely loves running in his ball so I couldn’t understand. As soon as I discovered this wheel online I knew it would be the answer and it was! It took a couple days for him to figure out it is for running on but he was using it for hours last night I’m very happy! -Ciarra S.

by gothbabe on January 22, 2019

Sadly my hamster passed a few days after I got this new wheel. But it was relatively silent and she ran on it longer and happier than on her old rackity one :). -Zaira S.

by dustyvanilla on December 28, 2018

Perfect size for my Campbell’s Dwarf hamster. She runs on this all night and Is able to run with perfect form (no arching). I love this! It is stable and easy to assemble and clean. -Chelsea Y.

by Anonymous on May 25, 2018

Perfect wheel & good size for two flying squirrels. -Carolyn

by Anonymous on January 23, 2018

I used to stay up at night because of 3 loud hamster wheels but when I got all of my hamsters one of these, I could finally sleep! These wheels are so quiet and nice! All of them together don’t even make a sound when all of my hamsters are running on them! I really recommend this wheel!

by Anonymous on September 10, 2017

Just bought two of these for my babies and they love them. So much quieter than the other ones I had and alot safer too. Thank you for being my number 1 supplier for all of my sugar glider needs.

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