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Wobust Wodent Wheel 12"

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The Wobust Wodent Wheel 12" provides a fun fitness experience for small animals. This wheel features a safe running surface with ridges. The Sandy Track provides a soft but abrasive running surface to naturally file your pet's nails as they run. The included heavy duty wire stand lets you use it as a free-standing wheel. The three openings offer multiple points of entry, while the solid rear wall offers extra support and comfort as your pet runs. The 12-inch wheel is ideal for hedgehogs, chinchillas, rats, and other small pets.

  • Provides a fun fitness experience for small animals.
  • Features a safe running surface with ridges.
  • The included heavy duty wire stand lets you use it as a free-standing wheel.
  • Encourages safe and healthy exercise.
  • Available in three different sizes— Junior 8", Senior 11" and Wobust 12"

Measures: 12-inch diameter, 5.3-inch wide track, and 3.6-inch entry holes. Overall height (on the stand) is 13-inches. 

Cleaning: Wipe down the wheel with a non-toxic disinfectant wipe (Nature's Miracle Cage Wipes) or spray (Kage Kleen). Wash thoroughly at least once per week by disassembling the wheel and cleaning with warm soapy water, rinsing, and allowing to air dry completely. Wheel is also dishwasher safe, top rack only. 

Looking for something safe & silent? The Silent Runner Wheels are strongly suggested for their innovative safety design features including no dangerous center axel and ball bearings for a smoother & quiet spin. Purchase the Cage Attachment to mount your Silent Runner Wheel directly to the side of any wired cage......features not offered with Wodent Wheels.

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by Anonymous on March 19, 2023

The metal arm that slides through the wheel is way too short! I had to really compress the wheel together to get the pin in, and the sharp pin sticks straight out and is a safety hazard. Also, the wheel is very hard to spin because it is pushed together so tightly just to get it on the frame. I'm not able to use it so it was a total waste of money ☹

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Em. We’re sorry to hear that your Wodent Wheel is not as expected. Our Return Policy with return instructions is available online. Products that are in new condition can be returned for a refund within 30-days of purchase. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for any additional assistance.]

by Anonymous on January 3, 2023

This may the best value in terms of price vs. quality of all small animal wheels on the market. A safe running surface, easy to clean and re-assemble, lightweight but sturdy enough for even the most enthusiastic hamster. Use a little vegetable oil every now and again to eliminate squeaks and do NOT lose those locking pins.

by Anonymous on June 9, 2021

I've bought all kinds of wheels and these are my FAVORITE. it covers apart making it easy to clean every inch of the wheel. This thing is light weight and SILENT. Every one of my pets love this kind. I love it and so do they. This website is the cheapest i have found for this type of wheel also, so that's a huge bonus! For those looking for a solution to it vibrating and moving, i bought plastic C cord holders and the leg fits right in there so it doesn't move while they run, but it is easy to remove for cleaning. -Stephanie

by Anonymous on December 28, 2020

I dig these things. I ordered a reg 12" and my chunky butt rats wouldn't fool with it. So I bought the wide track but it didn't come with the plastic connector piece. Which bummed me out but I assume they would have sent one had I asked but I just cut a strip off the orange track and made my own. They love the wide track. -Roger A.

by Anonymous on September 18, 2020

i needed a new wheel for my syrian and this is the one i choose :) i had to put oil on it so it didn’t screech so loudly and it’s super annoying to keep clean given that my hamster is a wheel pee-er and is long haired so he takes bedding with him everywhere. i honestly think i maybe should have gotten a different wheel but it is super cute and it’s silent once you have it oiled up. -Alicia S.

by mplayman on April 2, 2020

Its huge! I always hang mine because of wobble. I just pop the pin and since out when they need a cleaning. I would order a package of parts with wheel, just in case one breaks or you loose that tiny pin. -Paula T.

by Anonymous on February 8, 2020

It's big and nice, but my hamster didn't like it that much. It was a bit hard to put together as well. Then having to clean.. woo that's another obstacle. I do recommend it though!

by Anonymous on February 18, 2019

Simply the best wheel there currently is for pet rats. Wodent Wheels come in much wider sizes than do Silent Runners. This makes them ideal for larger, adult rats. Wodent Wheels are also very safe. The only thing I wish were better is that they're not as sturdy as I'd like. The parts tend to loosen up after a year or so. -Jasmine B.

by Anonymous on February 16, 2018

The ratties love it. Just wish I would have seen the recommendation for the Silent Runner and safety info—I would have gotten that instead.

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