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Willow Ball

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Exotic Nutrition's NEW Willow Ball is a wholesome and appealing playtime chew toy made of all natural willow that is safe for your pet to chew. Watch as your pet will nudge, nibble, and chew this fun toy which helps alleviate cage boredom. Suggested for rabbits, guinea pigs, prairie dogs, chinchillas, degus, rats, hedgehogs and other small animals.

  • Promotes clean and healthy teeth while satisfying your pet's natural instinct to chew. 
  • Made of 100% all natural, animal safe materials

Measurements: Approximately 4" diameter

All captive animals require toys to provide entertainment in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical health to have an array of stimulating toys available at all times. Toys enrich the lives of pets while encouraging natural foraging instincts found in the wild. Add 2-3 toys to your pet's cage at a time and switch them out regularly for continued stimulation.

Always supervise pets at play. Thoroughly inspect toys and accessories on a daily basis. Wipe product clean with a damp soft cloth as needed before returning it to the cage.

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by Anonymous on May 25, 2018

I don't know if it's my hedgehog or what but he only seems vaguely interested in it. He seems to just love his wheel. -Jessica L. T.

by Anonymous on March 28, 2018

My rabbit loves this. He flips it over it's really funny. He will push it and play with it for a couple of weeks and then start slowly chewing on it. It takes him a few weeks, but he will tear it apart. He loves it, it keeps him busy and happy. 🤩. I highly recommend this product!! -Melissa M.

by Anonymous on February 9, 2018

Next to the willow dumbell this is my bunnies second choice. She loves it!

by Anonymous on November 12, 2017

These things don't tend to last long, no matter what furbabe it has been gifted to- guinea pigs, rabbits, and even the hamsters enjoy it- it just lasts much longer with them... Always a safe bet.

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