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Triple Treat Forager

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Exotic Nutrition's NEW Triple Treat Forager is three times the fun as other foraging toys. These three clear cups can hold dried fruit, insects, yogurt drops or any other treat. Suggested for sugar gliders, birds, squirrels, marmosets and other small animals. 

  • Hang from the roof of any cage (hardware included) and
  • Colorful lids on top help encourage foraging activities.
  • Ringing bell is attached at the bottom for audible fun! 
  • Made from heavy duty acrylic material, exact product color and design may vary from pictured product. 

Measurements: Approximately 20" tall (including chain) x 3" wide.

Suggested treats to put inside forage toy: HERE

All captive animals require toys to provide entertainment in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical health to have an array of stimulating toys available at all times. Toys enrich the lives of pets while encouraging natural foraging instincts found in the wild. Add 2-3 toys to your pet's cage at a time and switch them out regularly for continued stimulation.

Always supervise pets at play. Thoroughly inspect toys and accessories on a daily basis. Wipe product clean with a damp soft cloth as needed before returning it to the cage.

  • MPNAYC-A297

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on June 9, 2022

My sugar gliders have good time playing on this and looking for treats and mealworms. Keeps them busy and not bored. - Jamie W

by mandiec on May 18, 2022

Not sure if my gliders are just spoiled, because they DO NOT forge... I have put different treats in each one (there are three), and they do not care for this. -Amanda C

by Mellya562 on May 15, 2021

My glider enjoys this foraging toy as long as I put his favorite treats inside. -Melissa A.

by Anonymous on May 10, 2021

I bought this hoping my gliders would like it.... boy, do they!! I bought the 3 insect pack ( crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms ). They love forging and getting tasty treats. Highly recommend. -Rebecca N.

by Anonymous on November 24, 2020

He likes pawing this around to get it open. -Karen K.

by sugargliderbri on November 11, 2020

Our little suggie is not really a fan of this, we’ve put different treats and even ones we know she absolutely loves and just doesn’t care for it too much so we’ve taken it out of her cage and left her single forager in there. -Tamara B.

by Anonymous on September 11, 2020

This is an absolute must buy. My sugar gliders love this toy, and I get so much pleasure out of watching them try to take a treat from it. Highly recommend this to anyone with pets that love treats. -Kaylee R.

by Leonor on August 18, 2020

Right size for my gliders to play with -Leonor D.

by Julie.goss on March 14, 2020

So far he likes it! Hes very curious and tried holding onto the wall as he tried getting the treats. Hasnt exactly got it down but the figured out the top on while using his beam at the top. It's actually really large! Like the cup sizes and everything. You could fit most anything I'm sure. -Julie G.

by Susan4 on February 26, 2020

My sugar gliders love playing and climbing on this! It keeps them busy working to get their snacks. -Susan L.

by kayndewman on January 1, 2020

It is really fun to watch my gliders stretch from the side of the cage, lift the top, get their treat, and eat their snack and then return to get to the next level. I don't think it's all that challenging for them but my gliders love climbing on it and they seem to love anything with a bell! -Kay S.

by Anonymous on July 14, 2019

I've bought a couple of these foragers and my sugar gliders love them. It keeps them entertained finding their food. I change them out from one to another to keep their minds sharp. -Tiffany J.

by Anonymous on July 1, 2019

It’s bigger than I thought! My 2 sugar bears and I love it! It’s fun to put treats in and watch them find ways to get them out, it took my girl a bit to figure it out but my male has it down pat! -Leah H.

by Anonymous on January 11, 2018

My gliders enjoy playing with this. Since they don't eat meal worms, crickets, etc., I put cheese or other hard items in this for them to 'forage' for.

by kishrondrap on October 14, 2017

This is one of the only toys so far that the girls seem to love.

by Anonymous on October 1, 2017

My gliders love climbing on this and picking out treats :)

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