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The Prairie Dog Cage

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The Prairie Dog Cage is made specifically for housing small mammals like prairie dogs and squirrels. Assembly is quick and easy, view our helpful cage assembly video below or on our YouTube page. The cage includes a stand with wheels (removable), making the cage mobile, as well as an accessory shelf, perfect for storing food, toys and other cage items. The cage can be removed from the stand and placed on a table or other surface; the stand is optional.

  • Made with tube frame construction and has over 15 cubic feet of interior room, making the inside spacious and comfortable for your pet.
  • The bar spacing is wide enough for small mammals to grasp the bars without injury but narrow enough to prevent escape.
  • The entire cage is professionally finished with an animal-safe powder coat.
  • This cage has two large front doors with strong metal locks and two smaller side doors for easy access.
  • Included in this cage are two plastic double-feed dishes, and two wood climbing posts (all removable).
  • There is a wired bottom tray and plastic pull-out tray (white) to catch feces and debris, making cleaning easy.

Cage Dimensions: This cage measures approximately 63" tall (36 off stand) x 33" wide x 22" deep. Over 15 cubic feet of interior room. Two large front doors (10” x 13”). Bar spacing is ½ inch wide.

This cage is manufactured by professionals from the HQ cage company with quality materials and experienced workmanship. It is designed with safety in mind and durability to last the lifetime of your pet.

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Shelf Assembly Instructions: The mounting hardware should include large washers, small washers and screws. The larger shelves can go across the front or back of the cage while the smaller shelves can go across either side of the cage.

First, hold the shelf in place where you would like it to be installed inside of the cage. Place a small washer onto the end of a screw, insert the screw between the cage bars, then add a second, larger washer onto the end of the screw. Next, insert the end of the screw into the related hole on the shelf and screw it in until it is sturdy and in place. The head of the screw should be on the outside of the cage with the end pointing to the inside of the cage. The wired cage bars should be between both washers.

Repeat these instructions for the remaining screw holes and the 3 remaining shelves. Attach the ladders to the shelves by hooking their curved top edge over the inside of the shelf.

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