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Kritter Castle Cage / Black

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Exotic Nutrition's Kritter Castle Cage is manufactured by the HQ cage company to be sturdy and long lasting. This cage is ideal for small animals that prefer extra floor space and shelving.  Very deep bottom area (enclosed on all sides) ideal for pets that throw their bedding out. Assembly is quick & easy. This cage is spacious and comfortable for your pet. The bar spacing is 1/2" wide (made specifically for small mammals) and the wire is finished in a professional powder coat animal-safe finish. Ideal for Chinchillas, Degus, Prairie Dogs, Ferrets, Rats and other medium-sized mammals.

Included with your cage are

  • Heavy rolling wheels and a deep, 4 inch bottom containment area.
  • Front panel of the cage has one front door with clip-locks, and two small doors on the side of the cage for easy access. 
  • 2 metal wire shelves, 2 metal wire ladders, and 2 double feed dishes (all removable).
  • A removable bottom grill and pull-out tray... making cleaning easy!

Measurements: 46" tall (36" off stand) x 25.5" wide x 24" deep. Front door (8" x 8") Available in: Sandstone (not black). 

Check out the Exotic Nutrition Cage Comparison for a quick guide on what differentiates our 10+ cages.

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Customer Reviews

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by on November 18, 2018

I was disappointed in this cage for several reasons. The packaging seemed inadequate to protect it during shipping (they just had single layers of thin bubble wrap between each piece, I think they should have had thick styrofoam and reinforced edges of some kind). The cage was dented and bent in a couple areas. A rusted corner of the tray was broken off (a piece that was supposed to be attached/welded to the corner to reinforce it), and that corner of the tray was bent as well. Almost all of the feet were bent and I had to hammer them out flat to put the wheels on. The bent/dented panels made it nearly impossible to put the cage together. I was determined to make it work because I did not want to deal with the even larger hassle of trying to return it. The 4 vertical edge pieces are dark brown faux wood, which clashes with the dark gray/black metal of the cage. Having said all that, my chinchilla is perfectly happy with the cage, so I give it 3 stars. But it's been a huge pain for me. The one thing I liked about this cage, and the reason I chose it in the first place, is that it has the deep bottom so that the litter/food scatter could be minimized. I would order from Exotic Nutrition again, because I got a good deal with the coupon code, the shipping/tracking was fine, and my ordering experience was good. The other item I bought (the Chin Sprint) was perfectly fine, no complaints at all with the packaging, assembly, or product itself. -Erin D.

by on November 21, 2017

I bought this for a flying squirrel. It's roomy enough for him to run along all sides and jump from side to side. He really likes it. The roominess is felt when it's time to clean, though. The instructions are adequate, but anyone with experience and patience in assembling items shouldn't have a problem. It's a good product for the money.

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