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Sydney T-Stand

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Quality built wrought iron Sydney T-Stand is made specifically for large birds such as macaws and cockatoos, as well as medium birds such as mini macaws, amazons, greys, and eclectus parrots. 


  • 3 ladders
  • slide-out tray
  • slide-out grate
  • 4 easy-gliding wheels
  • 2 heavy straight pine perches
  • ring hoop with toy hook
  • surrounding seed catcher
  • 2 stainless steel feeding cups
  • 48 lb. total

Measurements: Approximately: 21" x 34" x 68"

This stand is manufactured by professionals from the HQ Cage Company with quality materials and experienced workmanship. It is designed with safety in mind and durability to last the lifetime of your pet. Assembly is quick and easy.


  • UPC850001723268

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