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Sturdy Nest Box

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In the wild, small animals like to burrow or nest in hollowed out areas. This box encourages natural instincts used in the wild, providing a safe & secure place to nest. 

  • Three sizes available for degus, sugar gliders, flying squirrels, ground squirrels, birds, and other pets (click size selection to see dimensions)
  • Mimics the natural nesting techniques exercised in the wild 
  • Interchangable hardware allows this nest box to attach inside or outside the cage (through a smaller access door) 
  • Top opens for easy cleaning and access to your pet while durable lock assures security
  • Add some nesting material and watch your pet build a natural nest or provide a warm, fleece nesting pouch to use inside the box!

Our suggestion is to mount the box higher in your pets cage, top corner of the cage is ideal. Make sure your pet can always easily enter the box by setting up a wood platform below, or mount next to side of cage. The wooden post will come detached inside the box and can be inserted into a pre-drilled hole at the front of the box. We suggest using super glue to permanently mend the post into place. When used for breeding, mount closer to bottom of cage in case babies come out and need to find their way back. 

Nesting animals require a safe place to sleep or nap, preferably one that is quite, dark, and warm. Proper nesting material can help reduce stress levels and increase the quality of sleep your pet is getting, all while optimizing their health.

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on August 29, 2020

Overall I love how this nesting box looks, and was excited to mount it on the outside of the cage using the little, otherwise pointless doors at the top of the cage. We have the Madagascar cage and the small nesting box for our sugar gliders. This combination does not work well for mounting outside the cage. First, the small box has 2 holes, not 3, so mounting with the door on is not an option. Not a big deal, the door pops off. Second, the spacing on the Madagascar is impossible to mount this box at the top of the cage. The nesting box's door hits the top edge of the cage. I was able to set the top of the metal ring at the top of the door opening, and rest the bottom of the box on the cross piece on the cage at the bottom of the door. By wedging some washers between the box and the cage so it sits very slightly at an angle, I was able to make it all work.mount it outside with this cage combination. Overall I'm happy with it, it just required a little modification to work on our cage. -Alex

by Anonymous on May 26, 2020

New to this but I’ve started rescuing budgies ❤️ -Robin

by Anonymous on May 10, 2020

-Nicole K.

by Mailonie on April 21, 2020

I use the medium size for my sugar gliders and attached it to the outside of the cage with the entrance lined up with a door in the top side of the cage. They love it! Best housing purchase I've ever made! I filled it with nesting material and they LOVE it! It frees up space on the inside of the cage for more toys! -Mailonie O.

by Anonymous on April 8, 2020

The fresh wood has such a strong odor we filled it with dirt and leaves and left it outside for 3 days. The silver metal ring around the entrance is a good idea. It's okay for temporary, in cage needs but it's glued so don't let it get too wet and not okay for outside. It really is what you pay for and it really is just okay. -Sue E.

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