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Silent Runner PRO Wheel

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The Silent Runner PRO pet exercise wheel provides a soft grid track that provides a flexible running surface and helps to prevent long-term injury to muscles and joints. The open-face front plate allows safe and easy access for entry. The properly spaced grid track provides optimal sanitation by helping keep the track free from urine and feces. The new easy-connect track allows assembly without a separate track connector. Whisper quiet dual ball bearing technology and the new wider cage attachment plates make the new Silent Runner PRO a great choice for providing your pet with a safe and quite means of exercise. Built to connect directly to the side of most wire pet cages. Designed specifically for pet sugar gliders and other small mammals. Connects directly to side of cage. Free-standing stand sold separately.

Key Benefits

  • Provides your pet with much needed exercise and mental stimulation.

  • Whisper quiet dual ball bearing design.

  • Open-faced front plate allows safe and easy access for entry.

  • Grid track provides optimal sanitation by helping keep the track free from urine and feces.

  • Attach directly to any wire cage using the Cage Attachment (included) or use it free standing on a stand (sold separately).

  • Designed specifically for sugar gliders and suitable for other small animals.

Measures:  12-inch-wide wheel x 3.5-inch-wide grid track

Multi-Functional: You can use the Silent Runner Pro on a stand (sold separately) or attach it directly to any wire cage using the Cage Attachment. The grid track on the Silent Runner Pro Wheel can be removed and substituted with any of the other Silent Runner tracks including the Sandy Track

Dual ball-bearing technology: Two stainless steel ball-bearings are positioned within the back plate of the wheel, ensuring the wheel glides smooth and silent. The innovative bearings SPIN around the center pin as your pet runs, unlike annoying squeaky wheels on the market that have an axle that the wheel rotates around creating friction and noise. 

Materials: Plastic (polypropylene PP material) with steel and aluminum hardware

Cleaning: Wipe down the wheel with a non-toxic disinfectant wipe (Nature's Miracle Cage Wipes) or spray (Kage Kleen). Wash thoroughly at least once per week by cleaning with warm soapy water, rinsing, and allowing to air dry completely. Wheel is also dishwasher safe, top rack only. 

Maintenance: The Silent Runner spins on dual ball bearings located in the back plate of the wheel that need to be kept clean during use and replaced every 4-6 months so that the wheel can work at its best capability. We offer free replacement bearings upon request within 90-days of purchase, with proof of purchase. Replacement bearings can be purchased on our website for just $3.99 per pack.

Note: ‘Roof Rats’ can have longer more sensitive tail than the more common domesticated pet Rat.  To prevent abrasions caused from excessive running on the wheel, we suggest using a solid running track (available for separate purchase) rather than the grid track.

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