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Sandy Trimmer Track 12" (Orange)

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Exotic Nutrition's Sandy Trimmer Track fits into the Silent Runner 12" wheel (Regular 3.5" width) for nail trimming use. 


Pet nails can grow to be long and sharp, which not only can be uncomfortable or even painful to you as an owner, it can also cause your pet to frequently get stuck on fabrics, like pouches or clothing. Nail trimming using clippers can be difficult and may even cause injury to your pet if done incorrectly. Sandy Trimmer Tracks provide a soft, abrasive running surface for your pet while using their exercise wheel. Simply install the sandy track in place of the regular track, it takes less than a minute, and your pet’s nails will be naturally filed down as they run (see assembly instructions and video below). This track is completely safe and will not cause harm or discomfort to your pet if used as instructed. Conveniently hand-washable and reusable to last the lifetime of your pet.

  • Safe & easy way to keep your pet's nails trimmed
  • The plastic track has a soft sand abrasive material permanently bonded to it
  • Washable for easy maintenance
  • Tracks fit into Exotic Nutrition's Silent Runner Wheel 12" (Regular, Orange) - **THIS IS ONLY TRACK, WHEEL SOLD SEPARATELY**
  • Package sets available - wheel + sandy track + cage attachment

Notice: It may be necessary to initially trim pet's nails with clippers then maintain the nail through frequent use of the sandy track. To use: Simply install the sandy track in place of the regular track, it takes less than a minute, and your pet’s nails will be naturally filed down as they run (see assembly instructions and video below). Replace the sandy track with the regular track after 2-3 days (or when nails are filed) and repeat as needed.

Materials: vinyl with 60-grit calcium carbonate

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS: Remove the standard running track on your Silent Runner wheel. Begin by inserting the corner of the Sandy Track into the molded edges of the back panel (black) for the Silent Runner wheel. Once the corner edge is pushed in, begin working the sandy track all the way around the wheel into the groove. Once completely in the groove, push the clear connector into place connecting both ends of the track. Set the front wheel panel on the sandy track, and starting with the side away from the connector, work one small section of the sandy track into the front wheel panel groove (panel with the openings). Once a small section of the track is in the groove, apply pressure (squeeze down) all the way around the wheel until the track is in place. You may need to push the last section near the clear connector in with your fingers. Set the wheel down on a hard, flat surface and apply pressure all the way around the wheel to secure the track in place.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on July 1, 2019

This is perfect and works great bc I am a new sug mom and have 2 suggies that aren’t bonded to me yet and won’t let me hold them and this takes away my worry of their nails completely! -Leah H.

by on April 15, 2019

Perfect for their little nails. -Elizabeth M.

by on March 18, 2019

I couldn’t clip my sugar gliders’ nails and this works. They use wheel. I didn’t have to show them how to use wheel. -Josephine K.

by on March 3, 2019

Dude my sugar glider loved it!!!!!

by on October 3, 2018

It was perfect. Thank you - Tina R.

by on July 19, 2018

It’s perfect and strong. -Edith B.

by on March 10, 2018

A gotta have item. It works perfect especially if you have a glider that doesn't like its nails trimmed. -Vicky

by on January 8, 2018

My gliders nails were so long that they literally clung to my arm...but after putting it in their runner for two days...they were manicured magically.

by on October 15, 2017

it works perfectly

by on August 8, 2017

This took a ton of weight off my shoulders!! Being a first time suggie Mommy I was very concerned about trimming my little ones nails. I put my sandy trimmer in once every two weeks and it does the trick. It doesn't trim them so much that they have a hard time grabbing and sliding while jumping but trims enough so they are not scratching my skin everywhere. I would recommend this to anyone especially those who aren't confident in their ability to trim their gliders nails themselves.

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