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Replacement Plexiglas Acrylic Guard

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We offer Replacement Plexiglas Acrylic Guard for the Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cages for $5 each plus shipping. Please notice that these are just the acrylic pieces, they do not include any type of cage attachment hardware. There are multiple models of the cage. Please be sure to measure the panels of your cage to ensure you can order the correct mess-guards, available in the sizes listed below:

Each Mansion Cage Unit Includes These (5) Plexiglass mess-guards:

X1 Mess-Guard for the front right-side door panel (measuring: 14¼ x 3 inches)

X1 Mess-Guard for the front left-side door panel (measuring:15 x 3⅝ inches)

X2 Mess-Guard for side panels (measuring:19¼ x 5¼ inches)

X1 Mess-Guard for back panel (measuring: 31⅜ x 5¾ inches)

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by Anonymous on March 28, 2023

Love the cage! I use it for my Sun Conures. I have shared pictures of the cage on my Facebook page and lots of people have asked for your website. Several have ordered and posted pics. Thanks for a great cage -Cindy H

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