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Replacement Bearings for Silent Runners (2 PACK)

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Includes (2) replacement bearings for the Silent Runner Wheels. Fits all sized Silent Runners. 

This Silent Runner wheel spins on two ball bearings, pictured above. These bearings are subject to regular wear-and-tear, which overtime may cause them to become corroded and seize. They may need to be replaced once or twice per year, depending on use. To extend the use of the bearings, they should be cleaned regularly, drying the bearings thoroughly.

Notice: Each back plate has 2 ball bearings, some wheels may require 2 bearing replacements to spin effectively.

Instructions: Use a flat head screwdriver or similar tool to pop old bearings from the back panel of the wheel. Push new replacement bearings into place by hand.

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on November 2, 2020

Purchased this hoping by replacing the bearings it would stop my wheel from squealing. Unfortunately, it worked for about 2 today’s and the squealing continues. The Silent Runner Spinner wheel is trash. -Nicole J.

by Anonymous on July 23, 2020

I emailed exotic nutrition to ask about my silent runner squealing and this is what they recommended. Even sent washers as well. Stopped the noise right away. me and my hammie are glad. -Keyarra O.

by Anonymous on March 12, 2019

quick, easy, cheap fix!! -Christine R.

by Anonymous on June 1, 2018

My babies are soooo happy to have their wheel back. Installed quickly and easily. -Andrew W S.

by Anonymous on January 26, 2018

We were so excited that these replacement pieces are available. We 💘 our hedgehog Minnie but now we can sleep again ! She wore her wheel out in a year, which means it's well worth the price. But now she can continue her travels QUIETLY 😂. Thanks !

by Anonymous on November 9, 2017

Keeps our hedges wheel feeling like new. Now Pickle can run run run through the night and not wake mommy up with a wobbly wheel :)

by Anonymous on October 23, 2017

I had no idea how bad the bearings had become. Now the wheels run beautifully and the girls are really enjoying it.

by Anonymous on October 23, 2017

Love it Its live have new wheels I was worried that my gliders little nails might get caught, but no problem. They love the new tracks.

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