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Pureayre Odor Eliminator

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Pureayre Odor Eliminator is a naturally, powerful way to completely elimnate odors from: urine, vomit, fecal matter, skunk spray, bedding, birds, cages, litter boxes, fabrics, carpet, and much more. The formula's powerful, safe, and natural enzyme technology breaks apart odor molecules on contact.

  • Pureayre Odor Eliminator is not a cover-up and instantly removes all odors.
  • Formula is safe on all surfaces
  • Cruelty-free, veterinarian recommended, and is 100% readily biodegradable.

INGREDIENTS: distilled water, proprietary food grade enzyme technology, natural mint, food grade preservative.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well. For permanent elimnation, PureAyre must contact entire odor source. Use "spray" setting for air, fabrics, and furniture. Use "stream" setting or syringe to penetrate deep into crevices, carpets, and foam padding. Spray into air, in and around cat boxes, cages, etc. Spray directly onto pets and brush into coat to freshen and help manage fleas. To freshen pet bedding, spray PureAyre directly onto all fabric. For stains, spray on or stream into stained aread and scrub lightly with a cloth or stiff brush. For laundry, add a few ounces to wash cycles. For stronger odors, use more PureAyre. Use up to 12 ounces per gallon of water and soap in carpet cleaning machines.

CAUTION: In case of direct eye contact, rinse with cool water if necessary. Not for internal use. For best results, use within one year of purchase. DO NOT FREEZE OR STORE IN DIRECT SUN.

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by on August 21, 2018

Good for "de-scenting" before company comes over and minimizes odor between cage cleanings. -Jennifer K. H.

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