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Porta Pet Carrier

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Let your pet feel right at home, no matter where you travel, with the Porta Pet Home. Easy to carry and easy to set-up, this essential traveling component offers protection from outdoor elements for pets on the go. Conveniently folds when not needed, and slides into its carrying case (Included). Zippered mesh door and upper side vents that can be rolled up and held open by hook and loop fasteners. Holds up to 10 lb. of weight.

  • Heavy duty canvas construction is durable and water resistant, and features climate control window covers.
  • Zippered mesh door and side ventilation panels that can be rolled up to promote air circulation
  • Bed provided with a comfortable foam pad.
  • Storage pockets for all your pet's travel essentials

Measurements: 12" x 9.5" x 10" Color: Dark Taupe/Coffee Brown

Notice: This product is nonrefundable

  • UPC029695252907

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