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Pet Igloo

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The Pet Igloo is the perfect place for a critter to safely nest and rest. This colorful hideout is designed for small animals like hedgehogs, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rats and hamsters. Naturally safe and made from stain-resistant translucent plastic. Hideouts compliment your critter's living space and promote natural activities.

  • Ventilated for pet health and safety
  • Surface resist stains and odors
  • Great for resting and nesting
  • MPN13120, 274943

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by Anonymous on January 20, 2021

this size pet igloo is hard to find in pet stores in my area great sturdy igloo for all my small pets. well made, easy to clean and so far they have not tried to chew it like other small pet hideouts that are cheap and flimsy! -Joyce Z.

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