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Oriental Tall Cage

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The Oriental Tall cage is made specifically for housing small mammals like sugar gliders, squirrels, chinchillas, marmosets and more.  This cage is manufactured by professionals from the HQ cage company with quality materials and experienced workmanship. It is designed with safety in mind and durability to last the lifetime of your pet. Assembly is quick and easy, view our helpful cage assembly video below or on our YouTube page.

  • This beautiful heavy-duty cage has 2 large sliding front doors, wheels for mobility, & pull-out tray for easy cleaning
  • Bar spacing is ½ inch wide, wide enough for small mammals to grasp the bars without injury but narrow enough to prevent escape
  • Entire cage is professionally finished with an animal-safe powder coat for durability
  • Comes with 2 double feed dishes & 2 wood climbing posts, all removable - View the helpful cage assembly video on Exotic Nutrition's YouTube page to see more angles of the cage

Check out the Exotic Nutrition Cage Comparison for a quick guide on what diffferentiates our 10+ cages.

Cage Dimensions: This cage measures approximately 66" tall x 28" wide x 24" deep. It has over 21.5 cubic feet of interior roomand can hold 3 - 4 sugar gliders comfortably.

This cage has two large sliding front doors (9.0” x 9.25”), strong and heavy enough to keep animals contained. The peaked roof does not have a wired grate beneath it, so magnets or hooks must be used to hang accessories from the top of the cage. Included in this cage is a wired bottom tray and metal pull-out tray to catch feces and debris, making cleaning easy. The cage includes wheels, making the cage mobile.

View our Universal Cage Accessory Kit to view additional shelves and ladders made specifically for the Oriental Tall cage, or visit our Cage Accessories sub-category to view shelves, ladders, branches, toys, and other products.

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by on November 23, 2018

This is a sugar glider safe cage, with shipping it came in less than a week from the order date. Easy to put together but recommend having someone their to help you. MULTIPLE PIECES OF THE CAGE CAME BENT. The two cage doors are described to be “large sliding doors” they are in fact quite small which makes cleaning and setting up the inside of the cage difficult. Multiple items such as my cage corner attachment and my silent runner wheel did not fit through the doors so I had to take the cage apart to put them inside. Otherwise cage is a great size pull out tray makes cage super easy to clean. -Kiely H.

by on July 5, 2018

I prefer Exotic Nations squirrel cage over this one. Although this cage is sturdy and well built, it has “all vertical” 1/2 inch bars. Horizontal bars are easier for my rehabs to climb! It’s very spacious inside but does not offer landings. The weighted doors just slide up - no latch. You have to hold the door open with your arm when accessing inside cage. ;( The lower door is pretty high off the floor of the cage so you have to stick your hand way into the cage to place bowls of food on the floor. The domed top, in lieu of a barred tip cage, does not allow you to hang anything from inside the cage. I prefer the Squirrel cage. :) -Libby A.

by on February 21, 2018

I really like this cage. It was shipped quickly and was fairly straight forward in assembly. Since you cannot hang toys on the top, I used those Command self adhesive wall hooks and they work wonderfully. A little advice, if you are putting in larger items (like a wheel) that will not fit through the doors, add them prior to assembling the roof. If you are adding things later, you could probably go through the bottom once the grate/pan is removed. Other than this, the cage is very spacious and roomy.

by on January 8, 2018

This cage was shipped very quickly and is perfect for it's purpose. I definitely would recommend recruiting someone to help put it together. With a helping hand, we were able to get it together in about 30 minutes. Good craftsmanship and nice design for a quick assembly. I've only had it a few hours, so I will update review once my critter gets settled in it. Thanks for a nice product.

by on January 8, 2018

This is a great cage for the price. Our cat had decided we should be parents of a pair of rescue baby squirrels, so he brought some home. This cage is doing nicely for them, and will until spring when we can release them. The instructions for assembly we're nothing but one sheet of pictures with parts list. It wasn't super complicated, however, so I think took us <1 hour to assemble it. The only thing it's lacking is access doors for larger items, so we've had to take the lid off for moving large stuff in and out, like their dig box. I knew this before I purchased it, and it's a great sturdy cage otherwise. It's super roomy. There's no shelves or barriers to prevent the fuzzies jumping up/down the whole length of it. They put a walloping on it, and so far the cage has been able to take all the playing they can dish out. The tray at the bottom makes cleaning the cage quick and easy. Definitely would recommend. -Amy Lockwood

by on November 16, 2017

There is no place to hang toys from top of cage because of roof. The doors slide up instead if opening outward which is a pain. Other than that it is a large roomy cage

by on October 28, 2017

I'm squirrel is loving his new cage he can finally move around in it. Fast shipping and great prices easy accessible and even has a step by step video. Great customer service, so pleased

by on October 15, 2017

by on August 13, 2017

My two sugar gliders love the cage. Very roomy for two of them. However there is no bar on the top of the cage to hang stuff due the roof (must use magnets to hang from the roof).

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