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O-Ring Syringes / 1mL (3 Pack)

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Baxter O-Ring Syringes are superior quality syringes with EZ-Glide O-ring gaskets that are super smooth and glide easily.
  • Multi-use (with proper cleaning).
  • Can be used with or without silicone nipples.
  • Wonder Nipples fit both the 1mL and 3 mL syringes.
  • Suggested for Baby Squirrels, Sugar Gliders, Opossums, Rabbits.
1 ml -  Suggested for: Baby Squirrels, Baby Sugar Gliders, Opossums, Baby Rabbits and other small mammals - birth to weaning.
3 ml - Suggested for: Small Baby Mammals such as Racoons & Opossums (4 weeks to weaning). 
5 ml - Puppies & Kittens 3 weeks and older and larger mammal babies.  

DIRECTIONS: When feeding your animal, angle the feeder toward the cheek to prevent choking. Dispense slowly. 

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by cmsquare on August 14, 2021

These are NOT slip-tip syringes, but oral syringes. Luer slip-tip items won't fit, like the white cannula feeding tips or catheter tips used with very tiny animals. These work ok for larger species but should not be advertised as slip tip; each syringe is clearly labeled as "oral use.". -Cynthia M.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Cynthia. We’re sorry to hear that your product is not as expected. The slip-tip syringes are currently unavailable and being substituted by these for the time being. We should have the Luer tip available in about a month. If you have any questions please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance.]

by Anonymous on June 23, 2021

Remarkable! -Natsko M.

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