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O-Ring Syringe Set (2 Pack)

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Nothing beats the Miracle Oring Syringe with it's ease of glide even with many repeated uses. Once you use the Miracle Oring Syringe you'll never use anything else! Each syringe is sterile packed and BPA free. Includes two sizes, 3 mL and 5 mL with slip tip. These syringes are the perfect choice for hand feeding very small neonate animals, dosing medication for oral use or used for injecting small amounts of medication. Each syringe is sterile packed and BPA free.

  • Includes two syringes in different sizes
  • Smaller syringe holds a maximum volume of 3 mL
  • Large syringe holds a maximum volume of 5 mL
  • Nipple tip, for thinner medications/formulas and one with a tapered tip, for thicker medications/formulas.
  • Dishwasher-safe

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: When feeding your animal, angle the feeder toward the cheek to prevent choking. Dispense slowly. We recommend 5 ml - 3 ml for small animals such as squirrels, sugar gliders, and bunnies and 3 ml - 5 ml for larger animals.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be advised that the ink measurements on the syringes will not stay on with multiple cleanings. Our recommendation to help the ink graduations stay on longer is to use an ultra-clear piece of scotch tape over the numbers to help reduce the chance of them wearing off quickly. 

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