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Bottle Nursing Kit

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The PetAg Nursing Kit is perfect for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs and other small pets. The bottle uses silicone nipples to simulate the milking action of a mother's nipple and the bottle is conveniently marked in tablespoons for accurate feeding.

  • Includes a 2 oz. nursing bottle with cap, bottle brush, and 5 silicone nipples (3 regular, 1 elongated for smaller mouths and 1 balloon for larger mouths)
  • Conveniently marked in tablespoons for accurate feeding

Directions for use: Create opening in nipple attachment. Either insert a hot needle into the nipple and allow the needle to cool before removing so silicone does not melt together again, or cut an "X" with a razor blade or scissor. The size of the opening will regulate the formula flow. 

Note: Once your animal has teeth, it is advisable that you monitor the nipple's conidtion for your animal's safety. The bottle brush may be used to keep the inside of the bottle and nipple clean.

Consult your veterinarian for specific advice on the care and treatment of your animal.

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by globug54321 on November 8, 2019

Have not used this yet, but it certainly looks better than syringe feeding. -Gloria T.

by Anonymous on September 22, 2018

My squirrels cannot get anything out of them. I even cut hole bigger and still didn't come out. I told the sellers and they said they can't return it because it's been opened and directed me to contact the manufacturer about product defects. -Kim D.

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