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New World Primate Diet 4 lb.

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Exotic Nutrition's New World Primate diet is a highly nutritious, palatable concentrate that is specially formulated for the small species of New World monkeys in all life stages. This diet contains adequate levels of protein and Vitamins to meet the needs of primates. Marmosets and Tamarins specifically would benefit from being fed this food along with Canned Marmoset Diet.

  • Suggested for Capuchins, Marmosets and other New World primates.
  • SUGAR GLIDER: New World Primate diet can be fed as a part of your Sugar Glider's total feeding system.
  • Gliders like variety in their diet, this high protein dry food can be fed in conjunction with a sugar glider pellet diet for variety.
  • Easy to hold stick shape.

Approx. Size: 1" x 1/4" x 1/4"

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein 20.0% (min), crude fat 9.0% (min), crude fiber 5.5% (max).

  • UPC885786969952

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on June 23, 2019

I reconstitute these for my 9 week old Kinkajou/Honey Bear. It is nourishing baby food. -Anthea W.

by on March 25, 2019

Exotric Nutrition is excellent. have been buying my Marmoset Monkey food for years. -Veronica P.

by on December 11, 2018

As many have said, many smaller monkeys don't like the flavor. Our marmosets get a mixture of low iron baby formula, probiotic honey yogurt, and a small amount of banana flavored baby food with their daily calcium and vitamins. It is a thick liquid. Then we grind this product into a fine powder and mix it in. started with a sprinkle and are up to a couple teaspoons. They get the benefit, but not the flavor and eat it every day. This is obviously in addition to their fresh fruits/vegetables/and proteins. -John R.

by on November 11, 2018

My babies don't like it😕 wish they could make the healthy stuff taste better!!!! So glad I didn't order the larger bag!! -DeLynn L.

by on July 1, 2018

Super speedy shipping very impressed!! The product it self is perfect size for the smaller new world monkeys and the monkeys actually graze on the food through out the day. Even the pickiest eaters will take to it in no time!! Highly recommend this company!! -Gabriel R.

by on June 29, 2018

Love this company! -Martina M.

by on May 9, 2017

Amazing, as a monkey its great!

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