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Nectar Pods Melon

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Exotic Nutrition's Nectar Pods are a fruit-based jelly treat available in four different flavors. Offering your pet a delicious treat has never been easier! Perfect for bonding and to help keep your pet hydrated! The exotic fruit flavors & added calcium make Nectar Pods the ideal treat for birds, fruit-eating mammals, and day geckos.

      • 8 individual pods per pack
      • Made with apple juice, glycine (amino acid) and added calcium
      • Ideal for birds, fruit-eating mammals like sugar gliders and marmosets, and day geckos
      • Serve using the Nectar Pod Holder or Nectar Pod Forager

Healthy treats have several benefits for both pets and pet owners. Treats can lend variety to an otherwise monotonous diet, provide good exercise for teeth and jaws, and add behavioral enrichment for animals that spend their lives in a small, limited environment. Most importantly, treats form a connection between pets and pet owners, assisting in bonding and training.

INGREDIENTS: Water, Sugar, Fructose, Carrageenan, Agar-Agar, Glycine (amino acid), Apple Juice from Concentrate, Calcium Lactate, Artificial Flavor, Titanium Dioxide (color), FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Blue 1, Citric Acid (preservative), Sodium Citrate

Notice: There may be white specks in the Nectar Pod / Pineapple flavor. These specks are Calcium Lactate powder that is added to the product to raise calcium levels. Calcium lactate is used to prevent and to treat calcium deficiencies.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 0.50%, crude fat (min) 0.40%, crude fiber (max) 0.20%, moisture (max) 74.00%, calcium (min) 0.77%, phosphorus (min) 0.37%, glycine (min) 0.15%

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Offer 1 pod 2-3 times per week as a treat. Nectar Pods are conveniently packaged as single servings. Remove top and place pod in your pet's food dish, or use with Exotic Nutrition's Nectar Pods Holder (SKU EN3244). When offering to birds, squeeze contents out of plastic pod and into a feeding dish. Always dispose of plastic pod shell after use. Do not leave moist food out for more than 12 hours.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool, dry place. Dispose of opened pods after 24 hours. Not for human consumption.

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Nectar Pods are a supplemental food, and should not be offered as the sole food source. Feed along with a balanced diet plan. This product is a treat and should be fed sparingly, it is not a substitute for a regular, balanced diet. Offer treats 2-3 times per week or as a small portion (less than 10%) of the main diet. Treats may lead to health issues like obesity when overfed. If your pet is not consuming its regular balanced diet, withhold serving treats until stable eating habits resume. Click HERE to view our Recommendations for Sugar Glider Food & Basic Feeding Guide.

Made in Taiwan for Exotic Nutrition Pet Supply Company

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by Anonymous on September 11, 2022

My sugar glider absolutely loves these -Stacey E.

by Anonymous on September 3, 2022

My squirrel monkey loves these nectar pods!! - Darlene B.

by Linda on August 14, 2022

Love these ! My babies can't wait for me to put them in the holders. -Linda C.

by Becks79 on August 5, 2022

My sugar glider absolutely loves these treats! I love that they are pre-portioned amd a very affordable price. -Jason B

by Anonymous on August 4, 2022

All the flavors are fantastic but the Melon seems to be my gliders favorite! -Theresa I.

by SerenityRose on July 21, 2022

I love these little Pods and so do the Cotton Tops. -Sandi S.

by lorilaa2 on June 9, 2022

Again, I bought this for my fruit eating finches, and they love it, they devour every drop! I’ve added these pods To the regular regimen

by lorilaa2 on June 9, 2022

I bought this for my fruit eating Finches, they absolutely love it! They devour every drop! - Lori D

by KimT76 on May 31, 2022

One of my gliders absolute favorite treats. -Kim T

by mandiec on May 18, 2022

My gliders love these. Every time I put two in the holders, there's always one missing. They take one out of the holder and bring it to there "bat cave". lol and I find it discarded and empty in the morning. Safe to say.. THEY LOVE THESE FLAVORS! - Amanda C

by Anonymous on April 27, 2022

They love everything I purchased from you. - Rose S.

by kdshorn on April 9, 2022

SO, we have tried mango, pineapple, and yogurt. Sugar gliders love them all. The pineapple smells so good, I want to eat it. The mango smells like mango and smells really edible. Trying the melon flavored when it arrives. -Crow H.

by Faithk on April 1, 2022

My sugar gliders love these! Highly recommend buying these as a treat for your sugar gliders. You can even keep the empty pod as enrichment and hide food underneath of for later use! -Faith K.

by Anonymous on March 22, 2022

This is always a great treat, I give them to my sugar gliders and they love them. It’s also EXTREMELY cute watching them eat out of the little cups. - Zach C.

by Anonymous on March 21, 2022

My sugar glider love these! - Dana B.

by mrlanee04 on March 21, 2022

We have 2 gliders who absolutely love these pods. - Misty R.

by Farmjr06 on March 18, 2022

Bought for my glides. They LOVE them. Gave 2 to my daughters picky lizard and he likes them too. - Michelle J.

by toohardbox on March 16, 2022

My sugar gliders love these!! - Cali C.

by kdshorn on February 5, 2022

We recently inherited two sugar gliders and one of them can be bought with treats. Paris dove right into the yogurt pod and Gidget was not far behind. We also purchased the mango and the pineapple flavors. They like the pineapple but LOVE the mango. If you don't watch them, they will steal the entire gel and pull it back into their cage. - Crow H.

by RandiMW on January 29, 2022

Nectar pods are one of their favorite treats. - Randi W.

by Anonymous on January 29, 2022

These pods all flavors have not been in stock lately my squirrel monkeys loves these. Exotic nutrition ships out in a timely manner, however USPS does not follow any delivery orders. Otherwise the products that this place offers is essentials to my monkeys. - Terrie N

by Anonymous on January 25, 2022

We have 2 gliders who absolutely love these pods. They are easy to open, easy to clean out & they are extremely tasty. I highly recommend using the pod holder that is sold by exotic nutrition, and fits 2 of these cups very nicely. We buy these all the time. -Mother of Gliders

by tigger_6175 on January 23, 2022

Cups are really small my gliders like the jelly pods better. -Toni R.

by Anonymous on January 9, 2022

My sugar gliders love them. -Stacey L. N.

by Anonymous on January 5, 2022

We have 16 Sugar Gliders and seven cages going on and they absolutely love these! -Terry G.

by Anonymous on January 3, 2022

My babies love, love these. - Mary A.

by Anonymous on December 31, 2021

My glider loves the melon pods. - Lynn E.

by Abc1923 on December 16, 2021

My gliders LOVE these!!! So happy with the price too, great company. Thanks! -Amy C.

by Anonymous on December 16, 2021

My gliders love then and also use for my super mealworms. -Robert D.

by Anonymous on December 4, 2021

A favorite with my Sugar Gliders. They clean the pod. Usually lasts a couple of days per pod. I also like the added calcium included within their treat. - Peggy B.

by Anonymous on December 3, 2021

My baby sugar gliders love them. - Randy L.

by Ragnartherat1 on December 2, 2021

My Otto and Frenchie love these nectar pods and catch serious attitudes if one isn't put in their cage after their dinner! Wish they would get the variety pack back in stock. Other vendors are selling them at ridiculous prices. - Patricia B.

by Anonymous on November 22, 2021

Expensive but the gliders love them. -Francis

by Anonymous on October 27, 2021

My sugar gliders absolutely love these. - Tina L.

by Anonymous on September 28, 2021

- Amanda A.

by Debrasch71 on August 19, 2021

my marmoset Lilly love love love these. I have the holder for them as soon as she smells/sees the cup she's on my hand fighting me the whole way to the holder screaming excitedly. I have never found anything she loves more except her meal worms. No matter which flavor she loves them all. She only gets 2 a week if she had her way it would be her only diet. -Debra S

by Anonymous on July 30, 2021

-Shannon M. R.

by ClaraD on July 28, 2021

My daughter has 7 glider and she gives these 2 times a week to them they it's looks like the won the lottery when they get these. -Clara D.

by Anonymous on July 1, 2021

My sugar gliders love this, melon. -Karen Z.

by Anonymous on June 30, 2021

Always a hit, no matter what flavor. -Nancy M.

by Heatherj75 on June 5, 2021

My sugars love these. -Heather B.

by Anonymous on June 1, 2021

My sugar glider eats these up loves them so much. -Kelly M.

by Anonymous on June 1, 2021

My sugar glider eats these up loves them so much. -Kelly M.

by mochiash on May 16, 2021

My suggies love them every time~! -Ashley M.

by Anonymous on May 13, 2021

These are Pixie's favorite treat, I've given her all the flavors & without a doubt Mango & pineapple are her favorites! - Cynthia B.

by Anonymous on May 13, 2021

Pixie, my Sugar Glider loves these nectar pods....she devours them. -Cynthia B.

by Hidinkle on May 13, 2021

My suggies are VERY PICKY... I buy alot of things to try and this is hands down a winner with them.. I've wasted lots of money trying to find treats for them and out of 10 they will like 1, so I get happy to find a new one!! -Heidi B.

by Anonymous on May 10, 2021

My gliders LOVE these!! They get so excited! I highly recommend these. -Rebecca N.

by margecorse on April 15, 2021

Our sugar gliders love these. Once a week I give them two of the nectar pod as a treat.. They are gone by the next morning. -Marjorie C.

by Anonymous on April 12, 2021

Our sugar gliders devour whichever flavor nectar pod we place in a cup for them to enjoy. They have no preference so far. We randomize their offerings of all the flavors and there is never the merest morsel to be found come daybreak, not even a smudge. -Gilbert W.

by Ryanniam on April 7, 2021

Was very excited to have my sugar glider try these and he’s obsessed!! I purchased the melon cups and he loves them, will buy again!! -Ryann H.

by Wendy on April 6, 2021

This is my sugar gliders favorite dessert. I have only tried the mangos but will be trying all of them. I recommended. -Wendy S.

by Anonymous on April 6, 2021

Our marmoset loves these! -Samantha O.

by Anonymous on April 2, 2021

They love them. - Aryn D.

by Anonymous on March 30, 2021

My gliders absolutely love all the flavors and they are picky eaters. Thank exotic nutrition -Chelsie G.

by Anonymous on March 26, 2021

One of our gliders love them. The other wont touch them. -Joseph .

by Lorraine86 on March 23, 2021

My sugar babies love these .....all the flavors! -Lorraine O.

by Linkolotl on March 13, 2021

My sugar gliders ate up every bit of it and loved it! Brilliant for the price. -Brady D.

by Anonymous on March 7, 2021

My gliders lick the containers spotless so I sure they look forward to this convenient treat. -Noralee E.

by Anonymous on March 7, 2021

Our gliders love these, but it sure was a mess to clean up afterwards. The little bits left behind stick to the plastic trays of our DCN cages like little goobers of rubber cement & took forever to clean up. So I’d definitely recommend the treats, but you might want to put them in a cardboard box with your gliders to let them eat them. -Wade G.

by Anonymous on March 6, 2021

Fresh and tasty for my sugar glider. Price is perfect. Fast delivery. -Angelina M.

by franklinfarms on March 6, 2021

My sugar glider LOVES these! -Ashley F.

by Juliemoe on February 11, 2021

These are a wonderful treat for the boys. They love these. -Julie M.

by CLitton927 on January 27, 2021

My sugar gliders LOVE these. I have to but all the flavors to mix it up. They lick it clean over night. -Courtney L.

by Alma on January 23, 2021

Gliders love them! convenient, a great treat for them packed well, fast shipping. would recommend to others. -Alma A.

by Tyzaeha123 on January 19, 2021

When I tell you my gliders LOVE these I mean it haha they end up taking the plastic out of the dish once it’s very low and knock it to the bottom of the cage so they can lick it clean 🤣 never chew on the plastic itself though. But as soon as I open and mix them around a bit they instantly come out of their pouch from smelling the fruity smell. I usually use a straw or bottom of a spoon to mash it up a bit Bc first night I just set them in the nectar pod holder in the morning with little teeth marks but once broken up they lick it clean! -TyZaeha K.

by NaniRay on January 16, 2021

-Rachel D.

by NaniRay on January 16, 2021

Awesome he loves 'em! -Rachel D.

by Clauforgliders on January 6, 2021

My suggie can eat this ALL day, everyday if I let him (which I don't) he just loves them! I just wish shipping was more economical since I order a lot from here! -Claudia O.

by heymaaa on December 31, 2020

All our gliders love these pods only problem I have is they all have a favorite so I have to buy them all! -Mary B.

by Anonymous on December 18, 2020

My gliders LOVE these nectar pods!!!! I always have to have them in stock -Sandra H.

by lkdobie on December 10, 2020

-Linda D.

by Anonymous on November 30, 2020

Nectar Pods get my sugar gliders to bond with me❤💙 -Alyson W.

by luvbigdoggies on November 29, 2020

Our sugar gliders love the nectar pods! It's fun to watch them hold the pods so they can get the last drop out! -Robin Z.

by Dusty Disney on November 28, 2020

First time user of this product and my 2 girls LOVE these. I purchased all 4 flavors and they love them all! -Dusty D.

by ptoellner on November 27, 2020

They love them. Wish they were available in bulk to help lower the cost. -Paul T.

[Response form Seller: The variety option is considered bulk. It includes 4 packs (24 individual pods) at $0.63 per pod!]

by Anonymous on November 12, 2020

You have a great selection of so many products I enjoy ordering for you because your prices are very competitive and sometimes below prices at the pet store thank you for emailing me for every sale you have I greatly appreciate it -Barbara M.

by Anonymous on November 12, 2020

Marmoset loves the yogurt flavored ones, only ones I’ve personally ordered. Excellent products and always securely packaged. -Angela C.

by sugargliderbri on November 11, 2020

Our suggie LOVES these! We’ve purchased a melon and the pineapple, she loves them all! -Tamara B.

by Ray on November 3, 2020

Packaged well. Easy to feed. -Ray A.

by Anonymous on November 2, 2020

my marmoset is obsessed! we purchase these in bulk, he can’t get enough. we pop out pods &give as gifts to our other marmoset owner friends! these will always be a staple treat in our house! -Taylor W.

by Sachan on October 31, 2020

My baby’s favorite treats! -Sachi S.

by Ciak on October 31, 2020

tasty! -Anthony C.

by Anonymous on October 30, 2020

My gliders love all 4 flavors of these nectar pods. It is a wonderful treat that I add to their normal diet. I have been purchasing from Exotic Nutrition for a few years now, their shipping is fast and prices are great. -Lisa G.

by Anonymous on October 27, 2020

Love it! -Kristen H.

by Anonymous on October 24, 2020

My sugar gliders love these treats! Cheapest place to get them. I checked ebay, Amazon, and the top online stores, exotic nutrition is the best price! And the shipping was fast. I will be ordering again. -Liz K.

by Anonymous on October 21, 2020

They love these. the little cup is empty by morning. Glad to find something they really love for a treat. -Barb W.

by Anonymous on October 20, 2020

My suggie loves her jelly Nectar Pods! - Crystal O.

by Poglover06 on October 8, 2020

My gliders love it! -Olivia G.

by Anonymous on September 9, 2020

My sugar gliders love them. -Pamela J.

by Zacharysmom2 on August 21, 2020

My four sugar gliders love them. -Becky C.

by Anonymous on August 20, 2020

My ants love it. Easy to use and good pricing I will definitely will buy again -Andrew R.

by Bwalker83 on August 6, 2020

My marmoset loves these. -Bridget W.

by Grandpa on July 16, 2020

Got two Sugar Gliders and they Love em. -Joey

by ryelder on July 8, 2020

my sugar gliders LOVE them!! -Ryley E.

by Southern Yankee on June 29, 2020

My gliders love these "nectar pods" and once I read the ingredients I realized why. The first ingredient is water, then sugar, then fructose & down the list is artificial flavor. I wish I had read the ingredients instead of just reading the reviews. -Lewan C.

by D_Olguin86 on June 9, 2020

These are my sugar gliders favorites, product is a 5 stars. -Diana O.

by Anonymous on June 9, 2020

My sugar gliders loves them. - Renee N.

by Anonymous on June 2, 2020

Rats LOVE them! I think melon is their favorite. The pod holder is a cool little accessory. We bought these on a whim when first getting our rats. You can reuse the plastic pods for little treats if you haven't gotten the next order yet - great system & flavors! -Melissa J.

by Anonymous on June 1, 2020

My sugar glider, hedgehog, and chinchillas Love the variety of their favorite foods. -Christina H.

by Anonymous on May 28, 2020

mookie LOVES his pods. Even when they are empty its always a big deal to get it from him. Lol -Kristen H.

by Anonymous on May 6, 2020

-Cinnamon M

by Anonymous on April 20, 2020

PeekAChew loves the nectar pods.(with exception of the white). It’s too much for my one glider so I stir what she’ll use well and put the remainder in a very small pill cup, the refrigerated the remaining inside a small Rubbermaid container. Works great! -Suzan F.

by Anonymous on April 15, 2020

They really enjoy these, bought all flavors ! Very satisfied with product - Denise C.

by Anonymous on April 14, 2020

Great buys -Mike B.

by Anonymous on March 25, 2020

The only place I can find things for my sugar glider -Tessa R.

by Gritty51 on March 18, 2020

I can't keep enough of these in the gliders just love them!!! A must buy every month! -Lee K.

by Aldias on March 18, 2020

I have three little suggies and they absolutely love this treat! I buy the variety pack every time and give them alternating flavors. I don’t think they have a favorite because they gobble them all up so quick! They hear me opening the capsule and stick to the side of the cage until I give them a bite! I don’t have the pod holder, and if I put the jelly-cake in whole, one of them will attempt to run off with it, so I break it up and put it in a food dish. -April D.

by Anonymous on March 17, 2020

A huge hit with my Suggie! She loves every flavor so far, but melon is her favorite. -Kelly T.

by Pabbins22 on March 6, 2020

My sugar gliders went nuts over these! They were so happy, licked them dry and then carried the containers around in their tiny hands trying to get every last drop. Can’t wait to have them try the other flavors! -Victoria B.

by Anonymous on March 6, 2020

My girls go crazy for this wonderful treat!

by Anonymous on February 22, 2020

My gliders love the nectar pods! They hold them in their hands and make happy chirping noises while eating. Great treat!! -Chris H.

by Kaitieramirez on February 20, 2020

My Sugies love these. The cup is a bit hard for one of my girls to figure out but the whole time they're eating them they're making happy chirps. -Kaitlyn R.

by Aktomodachi on February 18, 2020

Suggies love this!! -April L.

by Anonymous on February 14, 2020

I like using these as a treat. -Kay B.

by Anonymous on February 13, 2020

-Aubrey M.

by Tenderone on February 10, 2020

My glider is absolutely love this -Andrea H.

by Andrea on February 9, 2020

Best treat ever for our sugar gliders! They do seem to prefer variety though so we switch up the combinations all the time. Great buy! -Andrea H.

by Hellokittygirl on February 7, 2020

My fines squirrel loves these! -Tina H.

by Anonymous on February 1, 2020

My gliders love these pods! It's hard not spoiling them with the nectar pods every single day. Also they love every flavor. This is a product I will continue to buy for sure. -Deb S.

by Anonymous on January 27, 2020

Our Sugar Glider loves these pods! Her favorite treat for sure! -Carrie S.

by Keiser1109 on January 23, 2020

My sugar gliders love this and go crazy when ever I give them one. I go through this fast because I have five and each one gets one. Would be buying more from them. -Laura K.

by aliciamlux on January 22, 2020

My little guys are soooo adorable when we get these special treats! The only downside (still super cute) is when they go to the cup holder on days they don't get the nectar pods. The attitude is strong with these suggies! I am pretty sure they think if they stare me down long enough that I am going to give in. Ok... sometimes I do. But it's worse than the puppy dog stare, so there's that. -Alicia L.

by Anonymous on January 21, 2020

My little gliders love these! They had issue with trying to eat out of the cup - it would roll around all over the cage. Buy the little cup holder [Nectar Pod Holder] too, it's very handy. -Dave E.

by Anonymous on January 17, 2020

It took me a while to figure out which flavor my boys liked the most, but now I know they love the mango! -Brittany G.

by Anonymous on January 11, 2020

My gliders love love these all flavors all kinds of them!!!! -Rayna F.

by Anonymous on January 11, 2020

My sugar gliders absolutely love these!!!! -Rayna F.

by Anonymous on December 14, 2019

Our sugar gliders love the yogurt flavor, our opossums prefer the melon. We'll definitely order repeatedly. -Jennifer C.

by Tenderone on December 10, 2019

This is one of my sugar glider's favorite treats and they always have a good supply of them and good flavors to choose from. . -Tina J.

by txchrissy2002 on October 28, 2019

My girls Missy & Chrissy love these nectar pods. Every time I put them in their cage they will take one of the nectar pods out of the holder and they hand it back and forth to each other eating it lol. When they are done with the nectar pod they will take the empty nectar pod and stack them into the other nectar pod and put them by the cage door lol. They sure are some funny little critters with the nectar pods lol. -Christine H.

by Kaitieramirez on October 21, 2019

Wish I could put a pic of my girls nomming these things. They love them, will definitely buy more. -Kaitlyn R.

by Anonymous on October 17, 2019

My suggie loves this! He sticks his little tongue out and insists he hold it by himself with his two tiny hands. I have the nectar pods but I take it out when he wants to be outside of the cage. One is very filling and it takes him a while and keeps him entertained. I’m definitely ordering more when he runs out. Though this will surely last a while. -Veronica C.

by Tenderone on October 13, 2019

My sugar gliders absolutely love the Nectar Pods and I am so very happy that I tried them -Tina J.

by Anonymous on October 1, 2019

If you like hearing happy chirping noises coming from your gliders than you need to get these! -Tracy M.

by Anonymous on September 26, 2019

My sugar babies love this treat. I give it to them once a week and they eat it first before anything else. These are a great added treat thank you! -Becky M.

by txchrissy2002 on September 15, 2019

I got a free sample of the mango one and my sugar glider girls loved it. I will be buying this item for sure and I think when I buy it I’ll get the variety pack for my girls Missy & Chrissy. Thanks for sending me a sample of it and I do believe that my girls thank y’all as well. -Christine H.

by Menwy2774 on September 14, 2019

My babies adore the pods! They arrived quickly, and nicely packaged. I will definitely be buying more 😆 -Tina P.

by Anonymous on September 6, 2019

-Helen D.

by Anonymous on August 21, 2019

My marmoset loves these little cups. Perfect single serve cup. Soon as she sees me coming with it she starts shrieking with excitement. She grabs it and eats gobbles it up within a matter of minutes. -Ivelisse N.