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Natural Dust Bath 30 oz.

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Natural, USA-mined volcanic ash encourages grooming behavior in chinchillas and degus. Help your chinchilla or degu keep their fur clean, dry, and soft with Sunseed Natural Dust Bath, a premium quality natural volcanic ash dust similar to what is found in their native environment. Regular dust baths help remove excess moisture and oils from the fur, keeping these companions clean and healthy. Blue Cloud is mined sustainably in the USA and is completely natural -- no chemicals, colorants or extenders are added during processing.

  • Encourages instinctual grooming in chinchillas and degus
  • 100% natural volcanic ash
  • No added chemicals, colorants, or extenders
  • Removes excess moisture and oils from animals' fur
  • Mined sustainably in the USA

Net Weight 30 oz. (850 g).

Ingredients: Volcanic Ash.

Usage Instructions: Spread 2-4 inches of Sunseed Natural Dust Bath in a heavy, tip-resistant bowl or deep dish slightly larger than your companion. Place dust filled bowl in animal's cage for 15-30 minutes, up to 3-5 times per week. Increase frequency in humid weather or if your pet's fur becomes damp, oily, or limp. Supervise pet while using this product. Remove the bowl of bath dust from cage once your pet has finished.

  • MPN39213

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by ARPena415 on July 19, 2022

I purchased this in early June (along with the Chinchilla Booster vitamin supplement) to help combat my chinchilla’s chronic fur chewing. His doctor suggested I change his dust to see if it helps since none of the doctors he has seen knows why he’s been chewing for 2 years (he’s 5 now). So far we both like this dust! It doesn’t leave a rough residue on him like other brands that we’ve tried in the past. I have tile floor so it’s easily cleaned up with my broom and vacuum. I also used his old dust for soil additives! I think I’m starting to slowly see parts of his fur grow back? I’ve purchased more of the vitamins and will continue using this dust to monitor how he does (it’s mid July). -Alexis P.

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