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Moonlite Bulb

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This Moonlite bulb is ideal for providing a natural light source for your nocturnal animal. The Moonlite mimics a moonlight shimmer that enables you to observe your animals at night without disturbing their natural behavior.

  • Provides crepuscular and nocturnal animals with a dim moonlight which allows them to navigate in their territory in search of insects, mating-partners, etc.
  • True deep blue glass (not painted or coated).
  • Watts: 60.

Notice: This is only bulb. For the entire set up, see our Moonlight Lighting System, which includes both this Moonlight Bulb as well as the clamp lamp fixture. The clamp lamp fixture is also available for separate purchase if you already have bulbs.

  • UPC097612391060

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by Anonymous on April 20, 2017

Order this item by itself as I ordered a cage, plus 6 other item and when it got here it blew first time I turned it on. they sent me another one right away with no questions.

by Anonymous on June 25, 2020

It's so good! Unlike the dim night time bulbs at the store, these actually show some light in the tank! The cool, glowing purple looks so nice at night in my tanks. I'm ordering more soon for the rest of my tanks. Making the switch! -Samara L.

by Anonymous on April 12, 2017

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