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Mealworm Chow 40 lb.

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Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Chow 40 lb. is the finest mealworm feed available. This feed will guarantee your worms to be a nutritional food source!

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  • Highly nutritional food source for feeding mealworms and other insects.
  • Use to nourish and grow mealworms
  • Use in conjunction with our Mealworm Keeper

Feeding Instructions: Add 1/3 cup of Mealworm Chow to 3 cups Mealworm Keeper or other mealworm bedding. Repeat weekly. Feed as the primary source of food for mealworms, crickets, and most other feeder insects. The insects can be maintained on this diet until the time comes to feed them to your pet. To ensure optimal nutrition and calcium intake, feed the insects to your pet on the day after they've consumed the diet. Combine with Mealworm Keeper for optimal nutritional values.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place.

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