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Mealworm Chow 1 lb.

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 Exotic Nutrition's Mealworm Chow is the finest mealworm feed available. This feed will guarantee your worms to be a nutritional food source!

  • Highly nutritional food source for feeding mealworms and other insects.
  • Use to nourish and grow mealworms
  • Use in conjunction with our Mealworm Keeper

Ingredients: soybean meal, apple, beet pulp, bloodmeal, ground roasted soybeans, blueberries, broccoli, honey, raspberries, bee pollen, cane molasses, corn gluten meal, calcium carbonate, mono dicalcium phosphate, vitamin A supplement, copper sulfate, zinc proteinate, manganese, salt, eucalyptus (e.bridesiana), yeast culture, l. acidophilus, s. faecium, s. cerevisiae, choline chloride, proteinate, copper proteinate, cobalt proteinate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin A supplement, vitamin D-3 supplement, vitamin C supplement, zinc oxide, biotin, folic acid, niacin supplement pyridoxine hcl, dehy alfalfa meal, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, supplement, vitamin B-12 supplement.

Feeding Instructions: Add 1/3 cup of Mealworm Chow to 3 cups Mealworm Keeper or other mealworm bedding. Repeat weekly.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place.

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by on July 22, 2018

They love the chow ! 😂🙂 -Dustin P.

by on April 15, 2018

Excellent service and excellent product. -Debbie Z.

by on April 13, 2018


by on January 28, 2018

by on January 27, 2018

Mealworms really go for this. Mine have been doing very well on it.

by on January 10, 2018

I keep meal worms for my sugar glider. I just started using this product and can already see a difference. They are more active and defiantly gut laden.

by on October 20, 2017

by on August 9, 2017

by on August 9, 2017

by on August 9, 2017

Very Fresh, our Lizard, Izzie, now 16 years old, eats it daily. My wife, makes sure Izzie food and bedding is always of high standards. She has purchased this product before and recommends this product for elder Bearded Dragoon Lizards.

by on July 18, 2017

works great!!

by on June 1, 2017


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