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Live Mealworms (Medium) 3000 Pack

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  • Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door
  • See the Live Mealworm Guarantee* listed below
  • Medium worms = approximately 0.5-0.75 inch length

*LIVE MEALWORM GUARANTEE: Mealworms are insured if Next Day service is selected and the package is received upon delivery. You can use the comment box at checkout to leave special instructions, like "hold for pickup". Read more in Terms & Conditions

View our full Shipping Policy for estimated delivery times. Shipping times are calculated by business days, and the day the package leaves our facilities is not counted in the delivery time.

Care Instructions for Feeder Worms: Remove mealworms from the mesh bag and transfer to a storage container (well ventilated, smooth sided tub). Discard newspaper from shipment. Let the worms settle at room temperature, then feed Mealworm Keeper and a small piece of raw vegetable (carrot or potato). Feed for 24 hours discard uneaten food, then place container in the refrigerator. Mealworms can be stored for 4-8 weeks refrigerated. Wondering how these worms are shipped or what you'll need? Read our article on What To Expect When Ordering Live Mealworms Online. If breeding, see our Mealworm Breeder Kit or Instructions on Raising Mealworms.

Notice: mealworms are not individually counted for each order, based on weight not count. Contact us for more details.

  • MPN66113493

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by Anonymous on March 15, 2020

All worms arrived alive. I was concerned about the box not being ventilated but they were all ok. -Kathyrn B.

by Anonymous on November 1, 2019

I am always more than happy with my mealworms, i order a lot to keep a colony going and feed them to my dragons before the mealworms get too big. I won't buy from anyone else especially fluckers because they are very rude and i get spiders anytime i get anything from them but thankfully with exotic nutrition i've never had any problems with them whatsoever and with my first order i got a 10% off magnet that's good for 2 months! I love that they always give 10% off discounts! - Austin E.

by Dick Bartlett on October 7, 2019

Prompt, alive, and the quail say "delicious." Thanx. When I need Tenebrio again I'll be back talking to you. -Dick B.

by Wuzzle on September 24, 2019

My previous order arrived fine, but it was not in the heat of summer here in the Palm Springs area.

My latest package arrived HOT and DEAD. It appears that the "live arrival guarantee" requires next day shipping service. The company issued a credit to be used by mid November. By then the weather should have cooled and I will re-order.

As an aside, I had also ordered from another company and their product arrived just fine. However, they are slightly more expensive and smaller mealworms. SO - good company, good product, don't order during the summer. -Dave E.

by Anonymous on August 8, 2019

They are healthy and did not appear to have any dead ones. They were small but after a week they are ready for my peachicks. Used four ice packs due to South Texas heat. -Randall B.

by AJSNANA on July 26, 2019

Best prices anywhere. Excellent service and very kind and helpful customer service! -Penny R.

by Anonymous on July 9, 2019

Worms were lively & healthy looking. Package received in a timely manner. My bluebirds were very happy and so was I : ) -Jeanine F.

by Anonymous on June 27, 2019

This was my first order. I ordered 3,000 mealworms for the birds and lizards in my yard. Received them in 2 days. Loss was negligible. I contacted Exotic with a few questions about caring for the worms. I received an answer within 2 hours. I will definitely order from them again. -Paula G.

by Anonymous on June 24, 2019

They were small! Definitely disappointed about the size. The price was too good to be true! -Kristen W.

by Anonymous on June 24, 2019

as every order we have place it was great chickens are crazy about and I mean crazy about your live mealworms. great price and fast delivery. my 6 week old isa browns say thank you -Robert B.

by Anonymous on May 21, 2019

I've ordered these a few times now. The delivery is fast and the worms are healthy. These prices are excellent. My local pet stores sell them for 2.49 for only 50 worms. Even with shipping costs this is a way better deal. Our bluebirds are lovin them, but so are the nesting robins and Baltimore Orioles. So fun to put them out and sit back with my morning coffee. I keep them on the mealworm keeper mix. -Tracey Y.

by Tsakiyama on May 11, 2019

I'm able to attract bluebirds into my yard in the late winter into the spring by making mealworms available. This season I've purchased several 6000 medium packs and one 3000 worm pack. Shipping has been prompt, worms have been medium or better, and dead loss negligible. Although I'm able to often find 1000 packs locally, I'm able to purchase cheaper, even with expedited shipping, through Exotic and have a dependable supply. I keep the worms in one of their 'breeder" boxes with some oatmeal and peeled carrots. The worms "fatten" up during their time in the box. -Thomas S.

by Anonymous on April 20, 2019

mealworms were alive and healthy. the order arrived quickly. My bluebirds are happy! thanks! -Carol W.

by Mjwalrus on March 15, 2019

Super pleased with my delivery of mealworms! Is it really 3000? It looks like a lot more than that! Thanks so much. -Mary J. W.

by Lilshoe09 on March 3, 2019

I love ordering mealworms from here, they always arrive healthy and timely. Cheapest prices I’ve found as well! -Melissa S.

by Anonymous on February 16, 2019

Great meal worms--very healthy and last a long time. -Lee W.

by AJSNANA on September 10, 2018

Best prices and fast shipping -Penny R.

by Anonymous on July 22, 2018

Mealworms were perfect. Found a few small black odd beetles. I think the packaging could of been a bit better instead of a cloth bag with newspapers, could of used a plastic container with oat meal with them. But over all they were alive and doing great as breeders/food for my reptiles. -Dustin P.

by Anonymous on June 15, 2018

I buy live mealworms from exotic nutrition by the thousands about every month and a half and they are always juicy and fresh, and delivered quickly. I tried growing them myself but to easy to go with Exotic Nutrition. - Tami C.

by Anonymous on June 11, 2018

I like the company and I like the product -Melinda D.

by Anonymous on June 8, 2018

Very pleased with the service and the product. -Dorothy D.

by Anonymous on June 7, 2018

Mealworms arrived in good condition. Love watching the birds feed their babies with the live worms. -Andrea W.

by Anonymous on June 3, 2018

Have enjoyed shopping at your company store. Purchasing both freeze dried and live mealworms. They always come fresh and delivery is fast and reliable. I look forward to many more orders. -Mark C.

by Kristysalvas on March 30, 2018

I just received my mealworms today and can't believe how fast they came!!! They are all super fresh and healthy without any dead or turned it was unbelievable! I literally buy them weekly from the petstore and pay $13 for a container.. which their so tiny and a lot of them are gross or dried out so I'm super happy I found Exotic Nutrition!!! Can not beat this price for 3,000!!! -Kristy S.

by Anonymous on March 13, 2018

I ordered 3,000 live mealworms for my bluebirds which arrived on time, well packed and in perfect condition.. They are the perfect size that my birds love and are very fresh so they hold up well in the refrigerator. -Carolyn P.

by Anonymous on November 26, 2017

Prices were good. It’s quite a struggle finding good prices especially on feeders. About 100 arrived dead but overall good. My reptiles enjoyed them so I definitely recommend👍🏽

by Anonymous on August 15, 2017

I'm very pleased with the mealworms I received. The bluebirds love them and are usually waiting on me to bring them out every morning. I was, however, upset with the USPS for putting them in my mailbox when the temperature was over ninety degrees. Thank you for the prompt service.

by Anonymous on July 31, 2017

Worms fine

by Anonymous on July 15, 2017

Wow! They are REALLY fast! I made an order on a Friday and I received my order the next day and I didn't pay for over night! They have been very speedy and accurate on every order i place with them!

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