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Live Grubworms 100 Pack

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Exotic Nutrition's GrubWorms are live Black Solider Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens). Ideal food source for Insect-eating Mammals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Fish & Birds.  Grubworms are a naturally nutritious, calcium-packed and high-protein food. Their high Calcium content is ideal for animals requiring additional calcium in their diet and can help prevent Metabolic Bone Disease. The balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio makes these black soldier fly larvae the perfect addition to your pet’s diet. Soft texture makes them highly appetizing.

  • Contain natural antimicrobial properties that may help boost your pet’s immunity.
  • Very nutritious, and a low-fat feeder insect, which helps decrease the threat of obesity.
  • Packaged in aerated, lidded cups lined with storage substrate.
  • Easy to care for and do not require feeding or watering.
  • Helps prevent calcium deficiency issues. 

*LIVE INSECTS GUARANTEE: Live insects are insured if Next Day service is selected, cold packs are added and the package is received on delivery before 10:30 am. Read more in Terms & Conditions and view the Shipping Policy transit times. CLICK HERE to see our suggestions for which shipping method to use for mealworms to ensure live delivery.

Shelf Life: The 'shelf-life' of Grubworms is about 2 weeks when stored as instructed (below).

Storage Instructions: To store GrubWorms - keep them in their lidded ventilated cup at room temperature or refrigerator (for longer storage). If you plan to keep your worms longer than 1 week place in a cooler spot (store in refrigerator or at 50-60 degrees) this will help extend their life (do not freeze).  Just make sure to allow them to return to room temp before offering to your pet. If you would like to feed your Grubworms you can offer them some fruits or vegetables.

Feeding Instructions: Sift from the substrate, add GrubWorms to a food bowl and feed along with a balanced diet. We suggest that you sift your Grubworms using a colander (screen sifter) to separate from the substrate before feeding. You can also rinse your Grubworms with warm water if necessary.  

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