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Insectivore-Fare 3 lb.

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Insectivore-fare is a high quality soft diet, designed to be fed free choice to a wide variety of animals, including Sugar gliders. Most Animals will consume about one-fifth of their body weight per day. Feed requirements of animals will vary according to species, stress factors, environment and activities.

  • Multi-species moist pellet food, great for all insectivores and omnivores
  • High quality soft diet with taurine
  • Ideal for sugar gliders, hedgehogs, skunks, opossums, & other insect-eaters
  • Made with calcium carbonate, vitamin E supplement, vitamin B-12 supplement, sources of vitamin D-3 & vitamin K
  • Net Weight: 3 pounds

Ingredients: porcine by-products, fish meal, poultry by-product meal, shrimp meal, wheat flour, dried bakery products, crushed roasted peanuts, dried kelp, fructose sugar, corn syrup solids, water, spirulina, lactic acid, phosphoric acid, calcium propionate (preservative), iodized salt, calcium carbonate, concentrated carotene, calcium chloride, propylene glycol, vitamin e supplement, taurine, vitamin a acetate with d-activated animal sterol (source of vitamin d-3), vitamin b-12 supplement, riboflavin, niacin, calcium pantothenate, choline chloride, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of vitamin k activity), pyridoxine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, ascorbic acid, sodium selenite, manganous sulfate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, ethylenediamine dihydriodide., magnesium sulfate, p-aminobenzoic acid, folic acid, sulfur, biotin, natural and artificial flavors. 

Guaranteed Analysis: crude protein (min) 20%, crude fat (max) 7%, crude fiber (max) 6%, moisture (max) 40%.

Storage Instructions: Store bag in a cool, dry place (under 72 degrees). Keep food in a sealed, completely air-tight container. 

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on April 8, 2023

Our little possum won't eat it. Now I see why because it's all mushy. I thought it was going to be soft pellets like maybe a soft cat treat. But it wasn't and now I've wasted money time and efforts 😫

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your pet(s) aren't eating the food as expected. If you'd like tips on introducing new foods, please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance.]

by Serenity123 on February 3, 2023

Sugar baby loved it -Lelia J.

by Skunker on August 18, 2022

Eats it like crazy! - Debbie J.

by Anonymous on June 25, 2022

My wild Opossum friends who come by every night will not eat this mush. They love the other Opossum foods but this was a total waste of money and I'm so disappointed I didn't pay attention to the other comments. DO NOT BUY - Beth

by Anonymous on October 19, 2021

My pet opossums enjoys this food however half the package was squished up and was in tiny crumbles. My possum won't eat the crumbles so half the bag was wasted. - Karsyn E.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your opossums aren't eating the food as expected but we'd be happy to resolve the issue. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance. We look forward to hearing from you!]

by Kandiheller on July 20, 2021

My baby skunks refuse to eat it whatsoever. -Kandice H.

by Jann brockman on July 19, 2021

The shipping was fast. The food is sealed and was fresh and in small moist pellets. My opossum did not like it when I first gave it to her. So I mixed it with other foods and she ate it. About 2 days later she started eating it by itself and seems to love it. I highly recommend this food and this company and I will be purchasing more. I also loved that I received emails on the status of my purchase. -Jann B.

by Chenitab on January 29, 2021

Sometimes it comes in perfect soft pellets but majority of the time it is in huge clumps or completely mashed together. My skunk won't eat the mashed up clumps. -Chenita B.

by katrin69 on December 14, 2020

Well, the first time I ordered this product 3 years ago I loved it. Then I bought a 10lb bag? in my next order and it was packaged in some flimsy plastic bag that had holes in it and didn't seal ( was an open top bag, no zipper or anything) and in a week I noticed grain mites coming out of it and was going to save it and call, but I had thrown it in my barn so mites wouldn't contaminate animals and my husband threw it away. Ordered it again my last order maybe 4 months ago or so...awful quality control. The product had a huge ball of food right on top and big clumps throughout. I tried to feed them the clumps and they wouldn't eat it if it wasn't in the bite size bits. I wont be buying again, too many issues with this food which is a bummer, I really liked it for my babies when first getting on food. But I raise dubias and mealworms and they like that just fine too. -Trina D.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your comment Trina. We are continually updating our manufacturing process to ensure that the quality of our products will match or exceed your expectations. It looks like your last order was from back in August 2019. We are confident that any new orders that you place will be manufactured with our highest standards of care. If you experience otherwise then I encourage you to reach out to our customer support team after delivery so that we have the opportunity to remedy any issues. For future reference, we recommend purchasing no more than a 2-3 month supply of products so that your pet can have the freshest food possible. Be sure to store food in a cool, dry place- refrigerated is best. I hope this information helps ease your mind about the quality control surrounding our products. We hope to have the opportunity to do business with you in the future.]

by Anonymous on November 4, 2020

-Connie A B.

by Paula5713 on September 22, 2020

This company ships so fast! The product must be good because my Butters loves it! -Paula B.

by Nursekim2000 on May 5, 2020

My gliders will not eat it. -Kim M.

[Response from Seller: Sorry to hear that, Kim. We offer a variety of other foods for sugar gliders like Glider Complete and Instant-HPW so we hope your gliders will get the chance to find their favorite!]

by momzilla_3 on January 24, 2020

My hedgehog Millie loves this! I've been a hedgehog owner for over 10 years and feed her only food and treats recommended by Exotic Nutrition. My last hedgehog Cricket lived to be almost 7! -Nicole R.

by Anonymous on January 6, 2020

Punkin, my 5 yr old sugar glider, ain’t real excited bout it. Guess I’ll go back to buying the hard stuff w eucalyptus (Sugar Glider Diet with Papaya and Eucalyptus) in it. Worth a try tho! -Paige H.

by Anonymous on November 29, 2019

Fast shipping and had no problems ordering on the website. The sugar gliders seem to love this product. -Crystal H.

by Linda E on September 14, 2019

Along with bugs and berries, Insectivore-fare is a nice change of pace from daily pellets -Linda E.

by Anonymous on September 7, 2019

I give my sugar gliders a variety of foods that meet their nutritional needs for calcium, protein, carbs. E.g. fruit, veggies, eggs, yogurt, almond milk, etc. But I always also included insectivore, the hard and soft kind. It also meets their nutritional needs. Probably not their favorite, because of other foods. But I make sure they eat it by sometimes giving a larger portion than other foods or the only thing as a snack. (Of course, they would prefer nuts 24/7!.). Picky is an understatement, but like other exotics, children, etc, I set boundaries when necessary. I also like your foraging items and pouches. To be with me and in their cage for sleeping. They love them and pick a different one sometimes for variety. Your shipping is so fast. -Dani M.

by Anonymous on April 24, 2019

My rescue possum likes it OK but would much rather have chicken, cheese, and apples. I like the all around nutrition necessities she gets from it. -Debra S.

by Anonymous on March 19, 2019

I use it for my armadillo and have used it for a skunk at a zoo I worked for. Both love it ! -Lisa H.

by Cynthia on February 28, 2019

So far my gliders are not eating this but it has only been a few days and they are very picky eaters. -Cynthia R.

by Anonymous on July 23, 2018

I buy this for my Brazilian Short-tailed opossum, and he loves it. I love the convenience of ordering online also. -Hannah B.

by Anonymous on June 27, 2018

Hedgehogs love it thank you! -Rudy S.

by Anonymous on June 7, 2018

They just gobble this right up! Very happy with this purchase, will keep buying it. -Lan H.

by Anonymous on May 25, 2018

Great food. Our hedgehog loves it. -Brenda E.

by Anonymous on March 28, 2018

My hedgie loves it! -Patricia K.

by Anonymous on March 7, 2018

Thank you again, my sugar gliders and hedgehogs love it. -Rudy

by jkadmin on January 8, 2018

My fur babies love this food. Have one HedgeHog and 2 Sugar Gliders. I use this as all day kibble. At night give regular food.

by Anonymous on October 4, 2017

My Virginia Opossum loves it, but he loves and eats everything, so that's not my main concern. What IS my main concern is correct Opossum nutrition, and this is one of the best pre-made diets offered on this site for Virginia Opossums. I'm very happy with Insectivore-Fare, and will continue to feed it as long as it's available.

by Anonymous on August 26, 2017

Another one that my skunks won't eat.

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