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Hedgehog Home & Starter Package

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Exotic Nutrition's Hedgehog Home & Starter Package comes with the essentials you need to care for your new pet hedgehog - cage, food, vitamins, treats, sleeping hut, exercise wheel and cage attachment for the wheel. This package set is a $169 value!  Free Shipping on this item too!


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by on April 11, 2019

This is the perfect starter pack for a hedgehog. I am a first time hedgehog owner and I didn't know what all i needed but luckily I found this and it gave the perfect start for my new hedgie! Every item that comes in this deal is perfect and of great quality. Would definitely recommend this to anyone starting out with a new hedgehog! -Kim C.

by on April 10, 2019

It came with everything I need for my new hedgehog! Its all great quality too. I will be buying her more things from this website. -Michelle L.

by on May 30, 2018

This is the absolute perfect starter pack for my first time as a hedgehog owner. It has all the essentials and put me on the best path to being a great pet parent. And the best part is the customer service! When the cage and accessories arrived without a spring I notified Exotic Nutrition, who then immediately shipped me a new spring that arrived a few days later. I work in the retail business but I’ve never experienced customer service as great as this. Thank you!! -Chelsea A.

by on May 8, 2018

Great bundle of items!! Love the flip lid for the cage, makes for easy access. All in all great deal and sets you on the right path for your hedgie! -Kelly F.

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