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Heating Pad

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Reptitherm Under Tank Heater is the #1 selling "under tank" terrarium heater, designed to economically and safely heat reptile, amphibia, small animal and plant terrariums. The heating pad can be used with a thermostat and/ore in conjunction with an additional heat source for high temperature species. Size: 10-20 gallon terrarium.

DIRECTIONS: Peel adhesive paper off back of heater and "stick" to the bottom underside of your terrarium. We recommend you place heater on either the right or left side (opposite your water dish) of the terrarium and gently rub heater to make firm contact with the bottom glass. This allows one side of your terrarium to be warmer than the other thus giving your animal(s) a natural temperature gradient. Use the enclosed rubber feet to slightly elevate your terrarium allowing excess bottom heat to escape and avoid damaging the power cord.

For glass terrarium use only. Do not use on wood, plastic, acrylic or any othe rtype of terrarium, except those made of glass. Not for aquariums. For indoor use only. 

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