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Large Flat Pouch / GIRAFFE

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Exotic Nutrition's Large Flat Pouch from the Hangouts collection is the coolest hammock-style pouch. With two pockets for play or sleep, this pouch can be faced upwards to provide a cozy hideaway or downwards as a hanging hammock. The double-layered polar fleece material with pet-safe hidden seams help to prevent nail snagging*. Ideal for sugar gliders, squirrels, marmosets, and other nesting animals.

  • Super soft, double-layered polar fleece material
  • Pet-safe hidden seams to prevent nail snagging*
  • 100% machine-washable for easy cleaning
  • Includes two durable nylon straps and chew-proof metal clasps for hanging
  • Spacious design can comfortably hold 1-3 small sized pets

Measures: approximately 10 inches wide x 16 inches long

Polar fleece material is highly recommended for its durability and comfort. Nest pouches can help reduce stress levels and increase quality of sleep for your pet.

Instructions: Hang inside the cage using included hardware. Provide at least 1-2 nest pouches inside the cage at all times. Wipe product clean with a damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash on gentle cycle with cold water then air dry.

*Hidden seams help prevent loose threads. Regularly inspect for other hazards. Continual use and pet chewing may cause the product to become warn over time. To avoid injury to your pet, discard and replace when you see signs of excessive wear.

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on April 5, 2022

Thick, well built, and super warm for my gliders. They love them! - Aimee S.

by Anonymous on July 27, 2021

It appears to be my squirrels favorite nesting place. Everything goes in there including "Churchill." She has had several now because she likes to remove the stuffing and that's our indication she wants a new one. -Dik M.

by Anonymous on December 9, 2019

My squirrels and I love it! I only wish they came with chew proof hangers. -Kobi H.

by Hannahsoukup on December 12, 2018

My sugar gliders absolutely LOVE THIS!!! I have 5 of them, and they all love cuddling up inside together!!! Great buy!! -Hannah S.

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