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Hand Feeding Syringes (2 Pack)

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Easy Feeder Hand Syringe for Small Animals is a safe and non-toxic dispenser that is excellent for administering medications and formulas to small animals.

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Holds a maximum volume of 1/2 oz. or approx. 14 mL
  • Comes with two syringes: one with a nipple tip, for thinner medications/formulas and one with a tapered tip, for thicker medications/formulas.
  • Dishwasher-safe


Nipple Tip: With plunger inserted into barrel, place tip into formulas or medication. Pull back on plunger to create a suction effect. Fill to desired volume.

Tapered Tip: Cut tip. Remove plunger from barrel. Pour the thick formulas or medication into barrel, up to a desired volume. Reinsert plunger into barrel. 

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: When feeding your animal, angle the feeder toward the cheek to prevent choking. Dispense slowly. 

Manufacturer: Four Paws Products, Ltd., Neptune, New Jersey

  • UPC045663191009
  • MPN434913

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