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Grassy Teepee

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The Grassy Teepee is the perfect private place for nesting and resting. This all-natural, edible hideaway is handwoven of natural grasses. Featuring an opening big enough for your pet to climb in but still small enough so he or she can hide. This natural, chewable home is sure to be a hit and provides a good source of fiber for healthy foraging. This hideaway is definitely a fun and safe place to sleep, play or get away! Hideaway also satisfies your pet's natural chewing instincts which helps relieve boredom.

  • All-natural, edible hideaway. Handwoven of natural grasses.
  • Great Source of fiber
  • Satisfies natural chewing instincts
  • Opening big enough to crawl through, but still small enough to be a great hideaway


Measurements: 11" D X 7.5" H

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on October 10, 2021

Nice little hideout. My hedgies just go under the edge to get out, but they still enjoy it! - Jaime S.

by Anonymous on June 17, 2021

My hedgehog loves sitting in this teepee. He either walks through the opening or puts his nose under it and nudges his way in. -Stephanie S.

by Anonymous on July 15, 2020

My squirrel loves this. -Morgan L.

by Anonymous on October 29, 2019

My squirrels love this teepee, but it would be helpful to have a bottom to it. The size is great. -Lauri H.

by Rutlandfam on June 26, 2019

This was much bigger than I expected it to be when I got it for my Syrian hamster, it could be used for a rat, ferret or even small bunny but my girl likes it. -Katherine R.

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