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Glider Complete 2 lb.

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Exotic Nutrition’s Glider Complete sugar glider food is a wholesome, easy-to-feed pellet diet containing 8 varieties of real fruit. It is fortified with a proper ratio of vitamins and minerals, so no additional supplements are necessary when offered as the primary diet. This premium blend incorporates variety, nutrients, and the enjoyment of foraging into your pet’s daily diet!

  • Made in the USA, 100% natural sugar glider diet
  • Includes 8 varieties of fruits like apple, papaya, & banana
  • High-protein pellet fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Probiotics added for digestive health and Yucca extract for odor control
  • Net Weight: 2 pounds / 907 grams
Suggested Feeding: Offer 2 tablespoons (approximately 1 ounce) of Glider Complete to your pet daily, along with 1/2 tablespoon of a supplemental moist food such as HPW. Adjust the amount fed to ensure your pet maintains optimum body weight. Feed free choice to pregnant or lactating females. Do not leave moistened food in the cage for more than 12 hours, or dry food for more than 24 hours. Always provide ample drinking water.

The pellets contain a high amount of protein per serving. It may look like your glider is eating very little due to the high density of the pellets. You may also see your glider chew the pellets, extract the moisture and nutrients, and then discard the remains (spittings). This is normal behavior for gummivores. The diet can be varied by offering Garden Fresh Re-hydrate, Gummivore-fare, Berries & Bugs, or other treats once your pet consumes all of their regular base diet. Glider-Cal and Glider Booster should be used when feeding supplemental diets or fresh foods like fruits and vegetables. 

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place (under 72 °F). Refrigeration is highly recommended to retain full nutritional value. Store bag sealed, in an air-tight container free from pests and insects. Do not frequently expose food to a freeze/thaw cycle. If storing for longer than 8 weeks, refrigerate (up to 6 months). If storing for longer than 6 months, freeze (up to 12 months). 
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 31.5% (min), Crude Fat 3.5% (min), Crude Fiber 3.6% (max), Moisture 13.5% (max), Calcium 1.83% (min), Calcium 2.3% (max), Phosphorus 1.16% (min), Vitamin A 6,600 IU/kg (min), *Lactobacillus 1x104 CFU/g (min)
*Contains a source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms.
Ingredients: Fine Ground Roasted Soybean Meal, Blood Meal, Apple Pomace, Ground Roasted Soybeans, Dehydrated Apple, Dehydrated Papaya, Dehydrated Pears, Golden Raisins, Dehydrated Pineapple, Dehydrated Peaches, Dehydrated Coconut, Dehydrated Banana, Honey, Cane Molasses, Corn Gluten Meal, Flaxseed Oil, Yucca Schidigera, Calcium Carbonate, Lactobacillus Acidophilus Fermentation Product Dehydrated, Bifidobacterium Bifidum Product Dehydrated, Enterococcus Faecium Fermentation Product,  Mono Di-Calcium Phosphate, Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Sulfate, Zinc Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Salt, Eucalyptus, Choline Chloride, Copper Proteinate, Cobalt Proteinate, Thiamine Mononitrate, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D-3 Supplement, Vitamin C Supplement, Zinc Oxide, Biotin, Folic Acid, Niacin Supplement, Alfalfa Meal, Pantothenic Acid, Riboflavin Supplement, Vitamin B-12 Supplement

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by Anonymous on April 20, 2017

This product is an amazing asset to your sugar gliders diet which they are sure to love and eat, spend the money on this product because it last quite a long time and it makes your sugar glider happy and health. The food looks appetizing and colorful and full of small chunks of fruit and pellets which will keep your pet well fed and active. spend the money make your pet happy. BYE!!! -Jasmine

by Anonymous on April 20, 2017

Mugwhy loves his food. Loves everything we got for him. -Sheena W.

by Anonymous on May 23, 2023

Thank you, makes it easier to feed my little buddies. -Paula W

by Anonymous on April 21, 2023

My glider enjoys it; she picks out the fruit first and then eat the little pellets. Although it has a resealable bag, I store mine in a big enough mason jar and place it in the fridge. -Marlynn S

by Moocowrose on April 15, 2023

My gliders have been eating this for over 8 years. Healthy food for them. -Sheila R

by Eilselenaid on April 9, 2023

I the best product I ever use. -Leslie C

by Jpgonefishin on February 20, 2023

My sugars love it! -Jeana P

by Jon on February 4, 2023

My gliders won't touch these pellets. They like the small round ZooPro Glider Essential kibble but not this. My gliders just eat the fruit out and leave the pellets. My rats won't eat these pellets either but love the Essential kibbles. -Jon G.

by Anonymous on December 9, 2022

Great product. Don't have to worry about my gliders being deficient.

by Mary D on December 2, 2022

Gizmo the glider likes his pellets when he’s hungry in his pouch and I throw a few in there. If he’s on me I’ll throw a few in and he does eventually eat it. It’s not the first thing he will go for when he comes out to eat every morning, but he loves the fruit in there. (I offer the fruit only alone as a treat and I love how it has the added vitamins on it) If I offer it together he will only go for the yummy fruit morsels. OBVIOUSLY!!! I’m pleased with this product considering he never liked pellets in the past. It’s also not as hard as it looks which I was worried about for my old boy!

by Anonymous on November 19, 2022

Always a great product! -Charles W.

by SugarGliderLovers on October 25, 2022

Sugar gliders loved it and always have been loving it

by Anonymous on September 21, 2022

Bandit loves the complete.

by VODell on September 17, 2022

I had been feeding my gliders a very complicated & time consuming diet for seven or eight years. I heard about this & how I did t have to do a lot of prep but still thought it couldn’t be as good as the 4-8+ day Process I had been doing. Shopping at various markets around the city to get the best ingredients (8-10 diff veggies & 8-10 diff fruits took 1day, on a good day). Preparing 2 separate batches with a combination of 4-5 diff veggies & 4-5 diff fruits with all of the other ingredients was typically 2 days because I just couldn’t do 2 batches in a day. It would take me The better part of a day (sometimes a day & a 1/2) to get 1 batch frozen into ice trays w/4 ice trays ( that’s all I had room for). Then I would freeze the second batch. I would end up w/2 giant Ziploc bags full of frozen cube size food. I was so proud of myself when I had done it. This also included cooking chicken and eggs to mix one type of protein into each batch. Every night it was 1&1/2 ice cubes to thaw at room temperature for about 1/2 an hour plus, I would then have to add the pellets I was getting & the vitamin supplements sprinkled on top. SOOO MUCH WORK! But all for my baby’s. You all know what we do for our lil’ loves. I recently found out I’m going to have to have major surgery & will be down for 6-8 weeks. OMG, :o what will I do?!?! I went on line & tried to find better ways “easier,’faster ways” to feed my gliders & still have very high nutritional quality. Here I am!!! I’m just made my 2nd order :) I couldn’t be happier… REALLY HAPPY!!! It was so stressful before & when it’s time for me to feed them I still find myself thinking about the time it’ll need to get food together for them & then remember OH; OH, I HAVE THE NEW STUFF & IT’S SO FAST… WooT WooT!!! Life is so much better for all of us now! I’m delighted to also say that Samson & Delilah immediately loved it!!! There’s definitely no turning back now!! I do still have some of my old stuff just in case I don’t get my order in time which will be the case for the next few days but that’s because I didn’t order sooner. The only thing is, I’m still trying to get used to how much food it looks like is left in the bowl. I worry they’re not eating enough of what I’m giving them. It says that’s normal so I’m believing in it. My gliders are way more excited to eat when I bring their food. I’m sure it’s because they love it & not because they’re not giving them enough… again the food left in the bowl worries me haha. I’m really excited & grateful for this seemingly small change to this food but it’s such a BIG change for me. I should’ve done this years ago!!! A MILLION THANK YOUSE Exotic Nutrition!!! ;)

by geni523270 on August 16, 2022

This is the only pellet I like to buy for my gliders. They love it. Most of the others on the market have to be doctored up with additional fruit treats and meal worms in order to get them to eat it. It is well balanced and I feel it is the best food for them. -Jean E.

by Anonymous on July 8, 2022

They love their food and it offers everything they need. I do add the berries and bugs mix some and they love that too! -Crystyl H.

by RandiMW on January 29, 2022

Stella and Archie love this food. I love it because it’s got nutrients packed in it. - Randi W.

by Anonymous on December 28, 2021

My sugar babies absolutely love it! They are eating more and looking healthy again! - Linda K.

[Response from Seller: Thanks for the great review, we are thrilled to hear that you and your gliders have been satisfied with our Glider Complete. We look forward to continue serving you in the future!]

by Anonymous on December 20, 2021

I get this and ZooPro Glider Essential, and mix them together. With 8 gliders it is a easier for then to choose the kind they like to eat. Some eat the ZooPro Glider Essential and other the other like this. Everyone gets to be happy with the mix pellets. The gliders do not waste as much either. I buy both once a month along with some other things give about 1\3 cup daily as they have a variety of other food at night. You see them sorting through the foods getting the pieces they like and with the chunks of fruit that comes in it, its a perfect day time mix for my gliders. - Clara M.

by Anonymous on December 16, 2021

Use along with home-made food. -Robert D.

by Anonymous on December 4, 2021

This is the preferred pellets according to my Sugar Gliders. I also like the nutritional value. That is a mom for you! - Peggy B.

by SamiGliders on November 3, 2021

We have been feeding Glider complete for years. Our current gliders are rescues that were neglected and malnourished. It did not take long for them to get healthy using this product! - Samantha D.

by Anonymous on August 30, 2021

When I first bought this it was good. The next two times I ordered it a lot of the the pelts were crushed. I get a lot of crumbs and several large chunks of crumbs stuck together. It looks like a sugar glider ate it and spit it out. Looking for something else. Not happy with it anymore -Bea M

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Bae. We’re sorry to hear that your Glider Complete was not as expected! We do our best to manufacture foods with care but I regret to hear that your product fell short in this case. Most of our pellets are made with a softer texture for easy chewing and digestion, but that can result in some deterioration of the food during packaging and transit. If you’ve found a large majority (>10%) of the food was severely defective, that certainly sounds like there was an issue. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance.

Otherwise, for future reference, you can try our new ZooPro Glider Essential food which is made with cooked kibble that is less likely to have those issues you mentioned regarding the crushed pellets. We hope this information helps!]

by Violis73 on July 13, 2021

One of my favorite food for my fur babies -Violeta A.

by Anonymous on June 14, 2021

My sugars love it! -Yousef A.

by Anonymous on June 6, 2021

My sugar gliders love it! -Sharon S.

by Anonymous on May 10, 2021

This is the ONLY food they eat!! -Rebecca N.

by katcann on April 12, 2021

Great complement to our boys soft food. -Kathie C.

by Loraligh14 on March 22, 2021

My gliders love it but the last order I received was cut open and it spilled everywhere in the box. I was not happy about it. -Loraligh G.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We've reach out to you via email regarding replacement products for those damaged items. We look forward to resolving this for you!]

by Anonymous on February 28, 2021

This bag was fairly fresh, but the order before when I bought 2 5 lb bags, the product was old and even moldy i had to throw one bag out and save what i could from the second. I usually buy 2 bags at a time . But just got 1 thus time. i just hope the product stays fresh from now on. -William K.

[Response from Seller: William, we're so sorry to hear that you found your food to be old or moldy. It sounds like it must've gotten some moisture in the bag(s). Be sure to store it in dry place (under 70 °F). Refrigeration is highly recommended to retain full nutritional value. Please reach out to us if you ever experience any issues with your product so that we can help!]

by snaxx45 on February 12, 2021

Tiki loves it. as soon as he hears that bag rattle, he's on it. -Annette H.

by Sc39482 on January 31, 2021

Never had any issues and our sugar gliders are happy and healthy! -Scott C.

by Anonymous on December 29, 2020

-Jenni B.

by Billiejow on December 24, 2020

-Billie W.

by Anonymous on November 28, 2020

Been feeding my gliders the complete for 7 years now along with fresh fruit. They like it and my vet says they are healthy. -Marvin P.

by Anonymous on November 11, 2020

Pickles and Pancake really love the dried fruit in this kibble. They are livery picky eaters (well, Pancake is anyway). I give them Glider Complete with the instant HPW. I throw in a couple of fresh fruits and veggies, or a small piece of wheat bread. They gobble it right up. -Amanda I.

by Anonymous on October 31, 2020

The product was great and came in good time! -George J.

by matthew9570 on October 27, 2020

Wish you would bring back insectivore diet in the Jar my babies loved it! -Matthew E.

by anniebear on October 24, 2020

My gliders like this food better than anything else I have tried. -Sandra G.

by Anonymous on October 17, 2020

I love ordering from Exotic Nutrition and I have been ordering the Glider Complete food for 6 years but the past two bags I have ordered have contained several cups worth of inedible crumb/dust particles. One of the bags had 5 cups worth. I want to order the highest quality of food for my Sugar Glider and hope the quality will return to what it was a few years ago. -Taylor C.

[Response from Seller: We're so sorry to hear about the issues with your recent purchases. Based on our records, you were credited for those products. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to customer support department for assistance with this matter. We appreciate your cooperation.]

by Anonymous on September 28, 2020

Excellent nutrition source!!! -Clifford A.

by RWidmoyer93 on September 22, 2020

My gliders LOVE this food! -Rene W.

by Anonymous on August 19, 2020

-Nancy C.

by Leonor on August 18, 2020

Nice size bag -Leonor D.

by Northwesternsugargliders on August 12, 2020

All of my gliders love it -Jeannette B.

by keily21833 on August 1, 2020

I ordered the 5lb bag for my sugar gliders and the bag had more pellet powder than actual pellets. It's my first time buying the 5lb bag and not sure if I'd buy another. My gliders love the pellets but I just hope that if I do purchase another 5lb bag that it'll actually have pellets instead of pellet dust. -Sha'Keil D.

[Response from Seller: We're so sorry to hear about this, please contact customer support so that we can remedy this issue for you, thank you.]

by Anonymous on July 16, 2020

Great products and simple ordering. -Carolyn W.

by Jeaninne1218 on June 29, 2020

My gliders love it!!! So easy!! -Jeaninne

by Lawest02 on May 21, 2020

Great product. Fast shipping. I have 2 female gliders and they absolutely love this diet. A healthy diet is a key factor in keeping your pets healthy and happy! -Ward D.

by Anonymous on May 18, 2020

My sugar gliders love it. -Kayla S.

by Pennyewalker on May 14, 2020

My gliders seem very happy with the food. -Penny W.

by Anonymous on April 4, 2020

Sam and Eli love the glider complete. I also use the calcium supplement and the insect, fruit HPW. They love it and seem very healthy and happy. -Patty C.

by Anonymous on March 26, 2020

My glider love it very much and it improve my glider fur. -Mah Yen L.

by Anonymous on March 26, 2020

Exactly what I wanted and very fast delivery time without the extra charge -Patty R.

by CatDoctor55 on March 19, 2020

I've been feeding Glider Complete to my sugar gliders for years as their basic diet. They love it and always empty their bowls and they are super healthy and active. Deserves my five star rating! -Barbara R.

by Julie.goss on March 14, 2020

I got the 2lb. And its HUGE and I'm happy! I used this previously but a smaller bag and my lil snuggie loved it and I ran out. He wouldnt leave it alone if i put it in the cage. -Julie G.

by Strawberry29 on February 27, 2020

This bag didn’t have as many little “treats” (dried bananas, papaya chunks etc) as usual. So my gliders weren’t as excited as usual, other than that my gliders seem to really like it. -Jessica H.

by Susan4 on February 26, 2020

My sugar gliders enjoy this. They find those awesome chunks of fruit first. Disappointed that the 10lb bag was discontinued. That size and price point worked well for us. -Susan L.

by Anonymous on February 12, 2020

Product is great but exotic nutrition recently got rid of the 10lb bag of glider complete and now it costs more to buy smaller bags to feed all of my gliders. -Christopher L.

[Response from Seller: We're so sorry that we're unable to carry the 10 lb. bag anymore and apologize for any inconvenience. The 18 lb. bag is still available, offered at a discounted priced for buying in bulk. We hope this helps!]

by Anonymous on January 22, 2020

My sugar glider are very picky when it comes to dry food. They do tend to eat this one pretty well, better than any other I have tried. -Sandra G.

by AnneSimmons on January 8, 2020

I have tried a couple of the other types of food for our gliders and the Glider Complete works best for us. They don’t give off as strong of a smell and I don’t HAVE to add treats into it because it already has a lot of fruit mixed in. The gliders also seem to like it so that’s a win win for all of us. -Anne S.

by Anonymous on December 31, 2019

I have been feeding this to my gliders since I had them. They love it and thrive well on it. -Tracie H.

by Bronwyn on December 29, 2019

My gliders love this food and I love the fact that it has dried pieces of fruit as an added treat for them. -Bronwyn R.

by on December 21, 2019

Great. My gliders love it. -Pamela M.

by Pegasus on December 17, 2019

I have been a customer of EN for several months now. I started out with the Berry flavored HPW and happy with it. But the pellets I recently ordered the SG have taken like nobody's business. We are finding their food completely empty and it looks like by the way toss their bowl inside their food condo, they LOVE this stuff! So well done! We love the product, the gliders seem to love it and we will be returning customers. Thanks EN! -Terry M.

by Anonymous on December 4, 2019

My vet recommends this food for my gliders. They love it. I bought direct through exotic nutrition because it was cheaper to buy in bulk (10 LB) than on other popular online retailers. It was also A LOT fresher. When I initially ordered it through another mass online retailer the food was super dry. Ordering it direct it was super fresh. -Lee H.

by coffina on December 3, 2019

My gliders choose to ignore it (I feel TPG with HPW from time to time) but I find it good to always leave a solid food in there in case they ever need it. They will eat the cubes of dried fruit in it, lol! -Anna C.

by Anonymous on December 2, 2019

My Tinker loves this along with all the other great products i get from you. He really loves the Nectar Pods. - Renate B.

by Mommymonster11 on November 30, 2019

Great food!! -Melissa C.

by Helen Fitzroy on September 19, 2019

The pellets keep my gliders healthy along with the fresh fruit I give them. -Helen F.

by Linda E on September 14, 2019

25 years as a licensed breeder, love and trust glider complete. -Linda E.

by Janet on September 5, 2019

Glider complete has kept my five sugar gliders healthy and happy for years! -Janet B.

by Anonymous on August 29, 2019

Wonderful product. My sugar glider loves it, especially the dried fruit that's in it. She is always begging for more. -Jennifer P.

by carol overly on August 16, 2019

My sugar gliders like this. -Carol O.

by Anonymous on August 2, 2019

My sugar gliders love it! Will never go back to a different brand! -Olivia O.

by Anonymous on July 25, 2019

My sugar glider loves this food (mainly for the chunks of dried fruit)! He especially loves it when it is combined with the Instant HPW protein powder. I usually buy a 5 lb bag and it lasts us a while! Worth the cost and makes for a happy pet. -Victoria M.

by Lisa schmidt on July 25, 2019

They like it so will keep buying it. -Lisa S.

by Telk on July 16, 2019

My suggies are happy -Clyde C.

by Anonymous on July 8, 2019

Our gliders love this product and the Sugar Glider Treat Variety Pack as well. Process is very easily and ships quickly to our house. -Christopher L.

by Anonymous on July 2, 2019

My furry babies love this. -Michelle H.

by Anonymous on June 22, 2019

Great food for sugar gliders. -Jamie S. T.

by Shelley McLean on June 8, 2019

Seems like the products keep getting more expensive, I may have to start feeding them table scraps.

[Response from Seller: Shelley, it is normal for pricing to fluctuate based on supply and demand as well as inflation, but we work hard to keep pricing consistent. The price for Glider Complete has not increased since May 2017. Please reach out to our team direct by phone or email to discuss this is further detail, thank you.]

by Anonymous on May 31, 2019

I feed my gliders different food, but give this as a treat. The love it! -Lisa F.

by jeannettebeeler on May 20, 2019

Though this isn't my gliders favorite option, they do eat it when its provided. It is always available to them and they will eat it if they're hungry. Its an excellent base food. I love having this as the backbone to the mix I provide. -Jeannette B.

by Janet on May 9, 2019

My 5 sugar gliders have been on this diet for years. They are very healthy and happy! -Janet B.

by April Tomlin on April 8, 2019

Great product my sugar glider Gizmo loves it ! My second order and won’t be our last! -April T.

by Anonymous on April 4, 2019

My sugar glider don’t like it because he not usually eat it. -Irash R.

by Anonymous on March 4, 2019

We love the glider complete for our sugar glider. She is so much healthier and on a balanced diet thanks to this pellet diet. She loves them and it comes with a healthy amount of fruit in there that I can divide up throughout the weeks. Perfect for our little sugar glider. Highly recommend. -Madison D.

by manda-panda on February 25, 2019

This is a pretty good food as a base to leave around in the cage for the gliders. I also give mine other sources of food to keep them healthy such as wax worms (live), the berries and bugs, and other fruits/vegetables/meat. -Amanda P.

by MaliC on February 22, 2019

I’ve even trying to find a pellet diet for my gliders that they will eat, so far no luck. I have to get sneaky with them and purée it into fruit and veggie mashes -Malini C.

by TonyL1969 on February 8, 2019

Is what it is...difficult to find specialty food for my daughter's pet Sugar Glider. Decent value for bulk bag. Shipping is costly and pretty slow. Satisfied with purchase however. -Tony L.

by Cailin on January 3, 2019

My 5 gliders will not touch this food -Cailin D.

by Anonymous on December 6, 2018

Gliders like it. I still give fresh produce and yogurt sometimes. -Dawn

by Anonymous on December 1, 2018

My gliders didn't really like the pellets. They dug out all the fruit chunks. They didn't seem to be eating much of the pellets. I contacted customer service and they were awesome. They responded to me with some suggestions (take out all the fruit chunks, leaving only the pellets as an option - they won't starve themselves and will end up eating it). It worked, but they still didn't like the pellets much. I gave it a 4 because it is a great product, so I can't fault the product just because I have finicky suggies! Customer service, however, deserves 10 stars!! -Tammy A.

by Anonymous on November 15, 2018

I most definitely will be buying more products from you folks gliders LOVE this food so much it's good to see them happy and diving face down in their food bowl. -Paula D.

by Anonymous on November 7, 2018

My suggies won't eat it, they will eat some of the pieces of fruit, but not the pellets, tried it for a week. -Lisa M.

by Anonymous on October 19, 2018

My gliders love this food. It’s pretty straight forward and as long as you tumble the bag each time you feed the fruit bits stay evenly spread out. -Ray V.

by Anonymous on October 10, 2018

Like ordering from Exotic nutrition -David R.

by Anonymous on October 2, 2018

The boys ear it up. Wish it was a little cheaper. -Paula W.

by Anonymous on October 2, 2018

Got this for my gliders to try out as a change of their normal daily pellets and it was a huge success! There is a LOT of dried bits of fruits, which is great!! There seems to be a lot fresher protein in these due to the color difference. I'd suggest this over the other 'big brand'. Its 5lbs for good value vs buying the same amount of the competitors. -Joseph C.

by Aradegray on September 22, 2018

Our sugar glider loves this food! He eats it right up, and he is a picky eater. -Ara D.

by sugarbear1 on September 9, 2018

My baby's love it -Jennifer P.

by Anonymous on August 25, 2018

All 5 of my sugar gliders love this food!!! -Virginia P.

by Anonymous on August 22, 2018

Always satisfied with this product. It's everything my gliders need. -Adam J.

by Anonymous on August 6, 2018

These are good and they seem to like sure I will order again. -Bobbie J.

by Anonymous on July 19, 2018

My gliders love the food. -Karly S.

by Anonymous on June 29, 2018

My Peek-a-Boo loves it. Has everything needed in this product. He does like his daily veggies and fruit also. -Renate B.

by Anonymous on May 23, 2018

My babies love it and so do I. Getting this every time! -Kara K.

by Anonymous on May 16, 2018

My sugar gliders love this food!!! -Virginia P.

by Anonymous on May 7, 2018

This food is fantastic! It has everything they need and still leaves room in their diets for treats like worms or honey sticks. Although I pick out the fruit from their bowls and hide it in toys, the variety and proportions are great. -Melanie D.

by Anonymous on May 5, 2018

My sugar glider loves the dried fruits and veggies in this diet, he wasn’t a big fan of the pellets, but when we mixed it with his instant HPW mix he ate them instantly. Love that we made the switch to exotic nutrition.

by Anonymous on May 4, 2018

Sugar gliders LOVE this food!

by Anonymous on April 10, 2018

They luv them! -Tina G.

by Anonymous on April 9, 2018

Both my gliders love it. Tried other foods and they will pick through them, but with Glider Complete the bowl is destroyed. Perk for me, I don't have to worry if they're eating healthy/eating at all. I order in bulk to save money. -Emilie B.

by Anonymous on April 8, 2018

Thank you so much for providing the photos of the Glider Complete food "before and after" photos! I was almost ready to give up on it! I thought that they were just "fluffing it up" and not eating it! I can see now that they are in fact getting what they need from it, I just never expected the food to retain much of its original shape! Thank you for putting my mind at ease. My gliders love this food, will turn their nose up at any alternative if I happen to run out, and do, in fact, make quite a mess of "fluffing it up"! -Lisa

by Anonymous on April 1, 2018

I enjoyed the suggestions. -Ann

by Anonymous on March 28, 2018

Sugar gliders loved the food and it seemed to reduce odors much more than other dry foods. I noticed no odor from the gliders or their cage after starting this food. -Courtney B.

by Anonymous on March 28, 2018

Best food I have found so far for my sugar glider. She loves it! -April R.

by Anonymous on March 28, 2018

My suger gliders love the food! -Georgia L

by Anonymous on March 18, 2018

Linda E H.

by Anonymous on March 8, 2018

This is a hit and miss with my gliders. I have one pair that loves it! They eat the pellets and the fruit. My other two pairs just pick out the fruit in it. Its good quality but I highly suggest the HPW diet offered I serve my gliders Glider Complete, HPW, and fresh fruit and veggies and they love the variety. -Lindsie

by NHPixie on February 26, 2018

My two sugar gliders love this product, and they're full of energy and happy! -Noah H.

by Anonymous on February 23, 2018

My gliders love this. Smells like fruit and they knew the difference right away from the pet store bought pellets -Jody J.

by Anonymous on February 21, 2018

Sugar gliders loved the food and it seemed to reduce odors much more than other dry foods. I noticed no odor from the gliders or their cage after starting this food. -Courtney B.

by Anonymous on February 21, 2018

Best food I have found so far for my sugar glider. She loves it! -April R.

by Anonymous on February 8, 2018

My two girls love their "chow" and I love that I've found a basis for excellent nutrition. -Barbara D.

by Anonymous on February 1, 2018

by Anonymous on February 1, 2018

Bug loves his new chow. He is very pleased with this purchase. -Virginia B.

by Anonymous on January 24, 2018

This, with the Instant-HPW, give your gliders a balanced diet. I still add in an apple slice, or equal weight other fruits and vegetables, to add variety. I take out the fruit bits because my male fights my two girls for them (they have 3 separate dishes) and give them as treats in the morning while we bond. Win-win! They do make a mess. I don’t know why my gliders eat only a little and spit out the rest, but I feel like a powder you add water to would be so much better if they licked up at least most of it. It’s a conundrum. -Tamara B.

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

My little critters really like this and are doing very well with it. I would recommend this product to anyone with sugar gliders. -Damama

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

Our 3 sugar gliders LOVE this blend! -Daking

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

Best food for my sugar glider. It's the only brand that I feel that they actually eat and enjoy, also it's healthy for them. - Molly Tiernan

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

I had previously been purchasing this food regularly but I recently tried another brand of glider food...trying another brand was a BIG mistake. My glider's promptly quit eating the other hard food and depended solely on fruits and veggies. I kept trying for over a month. No luck. I quickly switched back to Glider Complete. My glider's ate almost everything I put out, the first night I gave them back Glider Complete. Seriously! There was so little left. They haven't stopped eating since. They love the dried fruit, but they also love the actual dry food. They are happy. I am happy that they are happy. Life is good. We have tried several different kinds, and they have never loved any more than Glider Complete! -Kristen

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

My sugar glider loves the food and her vet is happy with me feeding this to her witch is good enough for me so I'm sold on it. -Steven C.

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

We switched to this food, from a product supplied by a breeder, at the suggestion of our vet. The differences were drastic and immediate. They are excited at meal time, and eat all the food, not just the pieces of fruit. Their activity has increased and appear to be in better all around health. The fruit is fresh, and the food has an overall pleasant smell. It was delivered more quickly than expected, which was a bonus after one of our dogs got into the gliders food. I have ordered this more than once, and the quality has been consistent. We are very pleased with it and have recommended it to other glider owners. We will continue to purchase and use this food.

by Anonymous on January 8, 2018

Awesome food for Sugar Gliders. A) has real fruit pieces in it B) has more than 1 type of Fruit C) my gliders took to it like they have had this before. -Kindle Customer

by Anonymous on December 5, 2017

I keep pellets in the cage at all times. I have some that really love it and some just nibble but they are just being picky. -Lisa C.

by madman on November 19, 2017

My little fuzz butts love the food, though the last bag had an excess of crumbs. Hopefully the next bag will be among the ones one that have better quality control.

by Anonymous on November 9, 2017

Coco loves it. I am very pleased that I decided to buy this product.

by Rugrat1397 on October 21, 2017

My babies were under a different diet. I did not like how it looked. There odor was stronger too. I switched it to this and the transition took a couple days but they have goten use to it now! I love it! Its healthy for them and complete w/everything they need and helpful for me when I need to feed them . Now, Im a try the powder form too, and see if they like that one too.

by Anonymous on October 12, 2017

The perfect basic diet for my girls...and they LOVE it! I supplement with fresh foods daily, but I'm also comfortable feeding Complete alone when necessary. The girls are thriving on it!

by Anonymous on September 29, 2017

by Anonymous on September 29, 2017

My sugar glider likes this food more than it likes me :) It's good. -Lorun

by Anonymous on August 23, 2017

I used to prepare our sugar glider's food from scratch and freeze it. I did a lot of research and the Glider Complete is the only pelletized food that has all of the nutritional requirements needed. My gliders love it and are healthy and happy. -Jonathan G.

by Anonymous on August 16, 2017


by Anonymous on July 20, 2017

My girls like these pellets better than other brands. They especially enjoy the dried fruit bits. -Vanessa L.

by Anonymous on July 14, 2017

I've been using Glider Complete for over 4 years now and my sugar babies love it. Of course...they sort through the dish looking for all the goodies first, but I know they are getting complete nutrition. Health wise, my babies look great at 7 years old! And the best part is, I am not having the problem of molding food that was happening with other vendors.

by Glidermom50 on June 25, 2017

Sydney & Mario our babies, love the Glider complete & we as their parents love the nutritional value ,great price & feel good knowing that we are giving our babies the healthiest life in captivity that we can. Now we are trying the bugs & berries food to change it up a little. -Karen W.

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