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Giant Live Mealworms 100 Pack

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  • Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door
  • See the terms below for our Live Mealworm Guarantee*
  • Exotic Nutrition offers Small (1/4 inch), Medium (1/2 inch), Large (3/4 inch), and Giant (1+ inch) worms

*LIVE MEALWORM GUARANTEE: Mealworms are insured if Next Day service is selected, cold packs are added and the package is received on delivery before 10:30 am. Read more in Terms & Conditions and view the Shipping Policy transit times. CLICK HERE to see our suggestions for which shipping method to use for mealworms to ensure live delivery.

Care Instructions for Feeder Worms: Remove mealworms from the mesh bag and transfer to a storage container (well ventilated, smooth sided tub). Discard newspaper from shipment. Let the worms settle at room temperature, then feed Mealworm Keeper and a small piece of raw vegetable (carrot or potato). Feed for 24 hours discard uneaten food, then place container in the refrigerator. Mealworms can be stored for 4-8 weeks refrigerated. Wondering how these worms are shipped or what you'll need? Read our article on What To Expect When Ordering Live Mealworms Online. If breeding, see our Mealworm Breeder Kit or Instructions on Raising Mealworms.

Notice: mealworms are not individually counted for each order, based on weight not count. Contact us for more details.

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Used to help keep products, like live mealworms or meltable yogurt drops, cool during transit.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by Anonymous on May 6, 2022

great size for the money. ships really fast. -Donald B.

by Anonymous on October 17, 2021

Everything arrived perfect. Only had 1 or 2 deceased, but that is much better than what I have been getting for much smaller quantities from the local pet store. I will definitely buy from here again. - Melissa G.

by Anonymous on September 23, 2021

All were the correct size and lively, only 1 was dead upon arrival! I will likely shop here again. - Isaac M

by Anonymous on July 22, 2021

The meal worms were great, large and wiggly, I kept them in the fridge and fed them a little apple, my bluebirds loved them! -Mary M.

by Anonymous on March 26, 2021

Thought they would at least ship them in a container. They came in a cloth bag with a piece of news paper in it. -Joseph.

by monajill on January 7, 2021

So much better and bigger than what you can get in a pet shop. My girls love them. -Mona J.

by Anonymous on September 29, 2020

All my worms arrived in excellent shape! All were alive and they work great for my fishing! -Joe G.

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