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Giant Live Mealworms 1,000 Pack

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  • Fresh, healthy, fat feeder worms delivered direct to your door
  • See the terms below for our Live Mealworm Guarantee*
  • Exotic Nutrition offers Small (1/4 inch), Medium (1/2 inch), Large (3/4 inch) and Giant (1+inch) mealworms

*LIVE MEALWORM GUARANTEE: Mealworms are insured if Next Day service is selected, cold packs are added and the package is received on delivery before 10:30 am. Read more in Terms & Conditions and view the Shipping Policy transit times. CLICK HERE to see our suggestions for which shipping method to use for mealworms to ensure live delivery.

Care Instructions for Feeder Worms: Remove mealworms from the mesh bag and transfer to a storage container (well ventilated, smooth sided tub). Discard newspaper from shipment. Let the worms settle at room temperature, then feed Mealworm Keeper and a small piece of raw vegetable (carrot or potato). Feed for 24 hours discard uneaten food, then place container in the refrigerator. Mealworms can be stored for 4-8 weeks refrigerated. Wondering how these worms are shipped or what you'll need? Read our article on What To Expect When Ordering Live Mealworms Online. If breeding, see our Mealworm Breeder Kit or Instructions on Raising Mealworms.

Notice: mealworms are not individually counted for each order, based on weight not count. Contact us for more details.

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on October 11, 2022

I have ordered from them for a while, with great success with live meal worms. The order I placed a few weeks ago was live meal meal worms again and they arrived dead or in a larvae stage. I ordered 1,000 and approximately 300 hundred were in good shape. With the cooler weather they should have been fine for shipping. -Ottie C.

by Anonymous on August 15, 2022

Always quick delivery Mealworms are always the best that I have found. -David G.

by Anonymous on August 12, 2022

These mealworms from Exotic are always the best, arrive live, fat and active, smell like cereal. I can't say that some other supplier's mealworms, lots arrive DOA, inconsistent size, and some smell like sh-t, need to be sifted out and sorted. -Gerald S.

by pagibson on August 4, 2022

This was a replacement shipment. The replacement shipment was great, as usual. I also have to give 5 stars to customer service. The worms in the initial FedEx Priority Overnight shipment arrived in poor shape, but they worked with me to get a replacement shipment out quickly. -Paula G.

by Anonymous on July 18, 2022

Arrived live and healthy. My garden critters love them! -Paula G.

by memyself on June 27, 2022

very few dead ones - Joy H

by klreed on January 18, 2022

tried ordering from other companies, with poor results, (out of stock, not alive, etc) So glad I found this company. As a wildlife rehabilitator I must have a consistent, healthy supply of food for the nestlings I get. This company delivers what they say they will, on time, and alive! -Karen R.

by Anonymous on January 4, 2022

Arrived quickly, big, fat, and healthy! -Karen R.

by Anonymous on December 28, 2021

Best giant mealworms ever! Always very healthy when shipped overnight. Sarah and Kendra do everything to make the experience with the company the Very Best one! - Susan M.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We are thrilled to hear that you have been satisfied with our services and are enjoying our Giant Live Mealworms! We look forward to continue serving you in the future!]

by Anonymous on November 24, 2021

- Karen R.

by Anonymous on August 29, 2021

I have purchased thousands of other worms from different companies. By far, this company gives you exactly what you order. Size and health of the worms are impeccable. Exotic nutrition has a lifetime customer. -Ottie C.

by Anonymous on July 15, 2021

I've been disappointed by the top mealworm choice at Amazon, twice, where half or more of a big order of worms shows up dead and more die soon after. I googled and took a chance on Exotic Nutrition. Two orders have been exactly as I hoped. The Giant worms were fat and happy and have made the biggest pupae I've seen yet. They were past their last shed, and if they need to be kept they need to be chilled to slow down their pupation. I was looking to start another bin of beetles and they're already laying eggs like crazy. horny and active. I got 2000 medium worms and am happy with them, too. There were ZERO dead worms, they all went into the meal quickly, and were soon back out devouring a carrot. They appear to have another two or three sheds left before they pupate. -Gerald S.

by Anonymous on May 21, 2021

After they arrive, the mealworms stay quite healthy on the wheat bran and wet sponge available. They develop as a regular population would. Very happy with the mealworms! -Michele Z.

by Anonymous on May 7, 2021

These are always consistent in volume, health, and packaged well.

by Anonymous on February 26, 2021

Overall, as I'm farming the mealworms for chicken feed, I'm happy. I ordered the 1000-pack of (+1") giant mealworms. At least 20% were well short of the sizing guides target length. But it's been ~a month and many of the larger worms have now become pupae as anticipated. For the 60USD spent I was hoping for a more consistent bagging of the 1000. But in the end, as I stated, I'm happy with what I've finally got farming. -Christopher A.

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