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Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate

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ZooPro Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate makes it easy to add a variety of healthy fruits & vegetables to your pet’s diet! This nutritious blend includes figs, papaya, green beans, cabbage, squash, apple and carrots. Critters love the taste of Garden Fresh Re-Hydrate...the perfect blend of natural flavors and nourishing ingredients!

  • Low-fat, calcium-rich supplement food for Sugar Gliders
  • Serve dry as a crunchy treat or add water to make a fresh, juicy snack
  • Offer alone or mix with Exotic Nutrition HPW for sugar gliders
  • Ideal for Sugar Gliders, Marmosets, Parrots, Conures, Iguanas, Turtles and other small mammals & birds
  • Size: 10 ounces (283 g)

INGREDIENTS: Figs, Papaya, Green beans, Cabbage, Winter Squash, Apple and Carrots

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein (min) 4.00%, Crude Fiber (max) 4.40%, Crude Fat (min) 0.78%, Moisture (max) 17.50%, Calcium 0.20%, Phosphorus 0.11%

FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Offer alone in a dish or mix with other foods for fruit & vegetable eating mammals, reptiles & birds. Fruits & vegetables are part of most animals' diets but they do not necessarily provide a complete & balanced diet. For Sugar Gliders, offer as a small portion (no more than 25%) of the main diet. If your pet is not consuming its regular balanced diet, withhold serving until stable eating habits resume. 

Supplemental foods add variety to an otherwise monotonous diet, provide good exercise for teeth and jaws, and add behavioral enrichment for captive animals.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by dnurse1910 on August 11, 2022

My guinea pig tried this today for the first time & he literally scarfed it up! I did not rehydrate and he loved the crunchy treats -Donna L.

by Anonymous on June 15, 2022

Our gliders, Jack and Diane love this blend. Jack goes straight for it. Making their meals is so much easier and cheaper. Tip: We add just a touch of honey to the water and stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds. That method seems to be their favorite. -Rainbow L

by Lrc0526 on May 8, 2022

My gliders love it! And quite frankly, I snack on it a little myself. HA!! Thank you for the quality products. -Lisa C.

by Dona on March 2, 2022

This was the best thing in the box. Both Lily, my African Gray, and Rikki, my gray squirrel, love it. I add water for the bird. Rikki likes them as a crunchy treat. I will be getting more of these in the future. -Dona M.

by Anonymous on January 3, 2022

My babies love the veggies and fruit even though they are rehydrated. -Mary Ann

by lewishsr on December 8, 2021

I feed this along with my glider food to my older ones. - Lewis H

by lewishsr on December 8, 2021

My gliders love this. I make a big batch and freeze it. - Lewis H.

by Anonymous on December 6, 2021

The first time I gave this to my gliders none of them ate it. A few days later I gave it to them all again and they devoured it. I am ordering more now. - Julie N.

by lewishsr on October 10, 2021

I have 2 older gliders I feed this to, along with all of their other foods. They love it. - Lewis H.

by Anonymous on March 7, 2021

My glider really likes this & he's11 & very -Noralee E.

by Anonymous on January 19, 2021

My gliders loved this blend and couldn't seem to get enough! -Nicole M.

by Anonymous on January 17, 2021

My gliders love this!!!! I wanted to try something new other than their Instant HPW and really loved it! We left a small amount of both for their first time trying and they definitely preferred the Rehydrated food! 10/10 -Avangeline S.

by Anonymous on January 2, 2021

My gliders loved this blend! -Tammy L.

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