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Fruit & Veggie Basket

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Exotic Nutrition's Fruit & Veggie Basket is the perfect foraging container for all small animals. Make your pet work for their food and treats by refilling this basket with favorite foods. Features door which opens to stuff food inside, and bell attached to bottom.

  • Comes filled with non-toxic, multi-colored, fun crinkle-cut paper (see more images).
  • Can be provided as-is for nesting material and enrichment or removed and filled with fresh treats.
  • Hang it to the side or top of any wire cage with the heavy-duty clip (included).
  • Chew-proof construction makes it a sanitary solution to prevent soiled hay, veggies, or treats.

Measurements: Approximately 5" tall (9" including chain) x 3" wide

All captive animals require toys to provide entertainment in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical health to have an array of stimulating toys available at all times. Toys enrich the lives of pets while encouraging natural foraging instincts found in the wild. Add 2-3 toys to your pet's cage at a time and switch them out regularly for continued stimulation.

Always supervise pets at play. Thoroughly inspect toys and accessories on a daily basis. Wipe product clean with a damp soft cloth as needed before returning it to the cage.

  • UPC858196007903

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Customer Reviews

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by on November 12, 2018

Rats have no trouble pulling every piece out. It entertains them great! -Wendy R.

by on November 6, 2018

My baby girl Skye just loves the toys and snacks I buy her from this site. I always buy her stuff here and I will get whatever makes her happy. Skye is a sugar glider. -Vicki S.

by on September 14, 2018

Have used it with hay for my chinchilla and fruits for my gliders ands works great for either! I think it's adorable when I can hear little bell ringing for across the room when they're munching, but you can remove it if you want! -Tiffany P.

by on August 26, 2018

Too Small -James D.

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