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Fresh Feeders Grasshoppers

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Exotic Nutrition's Fresh Feeders provide freshly packaged moist insects that are sterilized (cooked) then packaged in convenient pouches for your easy feeding. Farm-raised, all-natural insects contain no preservatives and are easily digested. Each box contains six individual pouches that can be re-sealed (bag clip included) for easy storage. Ideal supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Turtles, Tropical fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians. Comes with feeding tweezer too! 

  • Farm Raised, All Natural - No preservatives
  • Moist & easily digested
  • Vacuum Sealed to Preserve Flavor & Nutrients
  • Tweezers Included for Easy Serving
  • Include six 0.71 oz. (20 g.) pouches

What eats Fresh Feeder Insects ?  

Small Mammals - Hedgehog, Sugar Glider, Marmosets, Degu, Skunk, Opossum, Rats, Mice, Hamsters and other insect-eating mammals.

Lizards - Leopard Gecko, Bearded Dragon, Monitor, Chameleons, Anoles, Skinks, Tegu and other insect eating lizards.

Turtles & Tortoises -  Box turtles, Red Ear Sliders, All species of insect-eating turtles & tortoises.

Fish - Cichlids, Arowanas, Stingrays and other carnivorous fish.

Birds - Chickens, Bluebirds, Robins, Orioles, Chickadees, Nuthatches, Swallows, Woodpeckers and other insect-eating species.

Invertebrates - Tarantulas, Scorpions & other insect eating invertebrates.


FEEDING DIRECTIONS: Offer 2-4 insects per feeding depending on species, increase amount for larger animals. Adjust according to the weight of the species.  Refrigerate  unused portion after opening, use enclosed bag closer for storage. Tweezers included for easy, mess-free serving.

STORAGE: Store unopened in a cool, dry place. Once individual packs are opened, refrigerate and use within 7 days. Use the provided bag clip to close bags and keep unused insects fresh between uses. Discard after Best Used By date printed on box.

Ingredients: Farm-Raised Grasshoppers (Oxya chinensis)
Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein 20.8% (min), Crude Fat 2.2% (min), Crude Fiber 4.4 % (max), Moisture 71.2% (max)

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on June 2, 2023

My sugar gliders eat them. They left one of the grass hopper's bodies on the wall of the cage like a decoration. I think they just ate part of it. They don't stink. Kind of pricey for something you can find in a field of grass. -Cory W

by Spookykatie13 on January 28, 2023

My Breaded dragons love these. When I got out the tongs their eyes brighten right up and they are ready for them -Katie M.

by Anonymous on December 17, 2022

Perfect for my Savannah monitor and her total insectivore diet. They arrive quickly and she loves them.

by Anonymous on June 29, 2020

I'm a wildlife rehabber and you have the food's my animals love - Pamela L D.

by Anonymous on March 25, 2020

My beardie just loves the grasshoppers! These are her favorite! Great price per amount -Alycia G.

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