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Flex Rope (Large)

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Exotic Nutrition's Flex Rope offers pets endless opportunities for climbing fun within the cage. This Jungle Canopy Toy provides enrichment while keeping your pet engaged, connect the rope side-to-side, vertical, or any which way! Its wire core allows you to bend the rope into different shapes. 

  • Primarily comprised of cotton rope and animal-safe hardware.
  • Colored with animal-safe food coloring.
  • Connects easily to wire cage bars with plastic end caps on each side.

All captive animals require toys to provide entertainment in the cage, especially when left alone for extended periods. It is imperative for mental and physical health to have an array of stimulating toys available at all times. Toys enrich the lives of pets while encouraging natural foraging instincts found in the wild. Add 2-3 toys to your pet's cage at a time and switch them out regularly for continued stimulation.

Always supervise pets at play. Thoroughly inspect toys and accessories on a daily basis. Wipe product clean with a damp soft cloth as needed before returning it to the cage.

  • UPC858196007361
  • MPNAYC-A027-3

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by on July 31, 2019

We have probably ordered 20-25 of these in various sizes of our marmosets (under 1 lb weight). Problem is that the ends are attached with hot glue. After a little time, or if you use a heat or UV lamp, they pull off. You end up having to use a better adhesive to repair them after a few weeks. I would rate them a 5 if they would change the adhesive to something that actually holds. In the meantime we keep a better adhesive on hand to fix the manufacturing defect. -John R.

by on May 31, 2019

I donated it to local shelter, the part that attaches to the cage was to big for the cage to have! -Lisa F.

by on April 28, 2018

I ordered this in the small size and attached it from the roof of my cage. Both my boys love hanging out on this rope. Unfortunately they both love peeing on it... but i guess that's good because it means they've claimed it as theirs. -Samantha W.

by on August 1, 2017

I really liked this item! Easy to bend, and just the right size. I definitely recommend. However, I ordered multiple and was a bit disappointed that not all had a tag on them.

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