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Elimina Odor Remover

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Want to eliminate the odors from your pets? Try Elimina Odor Remover! When Elimina is sprayed on the surface of your pet's food, the smell from the pet's waste will be virtually undetectable to humans within three days. The active ingredient in Elimina, anthium dioxide, is an oxygenating agent, which means that It enhances the exchange of oxygen at the cellular level and improves the pet's digestion, Anthium dioxide also selectively oxidizes the hydrogen sulfide and ammonia molecules in the waste. Elimina works in harmony with the pet’s digestive system to virtually eliminate the urine and feces odors. body and gas odors, and scent spray marking odors.

What is the active ingredient in Elimina? The active ingredient in Elimina is anthium dioxide, a dioxide stabilized in sodium bicarbonates. It is a very common chemical, widely used in industries such as food processing, bakeries, dairies, vegetable packing plants, flour mills, hospitals and water treatment facilities. We receive the anthium dioxide in a 5¾ aqueous solution, and then we dilute it over 100 times with highly purified water during the mixing and bottling process.

How do I use Elimina? Spray Elimina onto the surface of your pet's food each time you feed your pet. The number of sprays depends on the size of your pet and the numbers of pets eating from the same dish. Small Pets such as mice, gerbils, and ferrets should require 1-2 squirts, medium pets such as rabbits 3-4 squirts, and large pets (10+ lbs.) such as pot-bellied pigs may need 5 or more sprays. If you have several pets feeding from one large bowl: Spray the surface of the food with the proper amount of Elimina for the number of pets you are feeding. Then stir or turn the food and spray the food again. Turning and spraying the food again will ensure that all your pets will receive some Elimina each time they come to the dish to eat. These amounts should serve only as a guide.

ls Elimina safe? In more than twenty years of clinical studies conducted on many kinds of animals (including mice, rats, and monkeys), the main ingredient (anthium dioxide) has been proven harmless. Even with chronic forced feeding over extended periods, there has never been any detrimental health impact. In our own research and development, we tested about 150 animals over the span of five generations. No abnormalities in health, appearance, or behavior appeared during prolonged usage of Elimina.

CONTAINS: colorless buffered solution, and anthium dioxide.

PRODUCT HANDLING: Keep Elimina out of direct sunlight and ultraviolet light. Do not expose to temperatures over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The formulation, mixing, and bottling of Elimina do not produce any by-products that would be harmful or damaging to the environment. All packaging materials and product containers are recyclable.

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by Anonymous on May 12, 2023

I keep my rattie boy in my bedroom, so needing something to reduce odors is a must, especially since he likes to mark everything. Elimina works wonders. After a few days, I wasn't sure if it was worth the money, but after 2 weeks, the smell is significantly less gross.

Thanks for the great review, we are thrilled to hear that you have been satisfied with our services and are enjoying our products. We look forward to continuing serving you in the future!

by Doglet1970 on November 9, 2022

I love my marmoset, but not her odor. This product has allowed us to have her in the home and not have her odor permiate everything. Try this stuff! It is the only thing I have ever found that neutralizes monkey marking odor and it only takes a couple of days to work. This stuff is a GAME CHANGER!!!!! - Brandi D.

by 1mamabyrd on October 12, 2022

I always use this. It has helped tremendously with my lil suggies stinky pellets. I hope this will ALWAYS be available. -Vanessa B.

by Anonymous on April 14, 2022

I have 6 rats and this works wonders! - Mackenzie P.

by Anonymous on May 19, 2021

This stuff works great for my marmoset. -Donna T.

by Kg4yuz on April 8, 2021

Seems to work. When I stopped using it his stintch came back! -Elizabeth A.

by Ysabel180 on August 31, 2020

Elimina odor remover has helped tremendously with my sweet lil stinker's litter box. It has taken away that bold scent that could fill the house and made it drastically less noticeable. I will always have this on hand. It's very easy to use. -Heather M.

by Anonymous on July 12, 2020

I lightly spray my hedgehogs cage and the area she has chosen as her potty area and her wheel... I tried adding it to her food but she will not eat her food if it's on there (tested it with a cup full that sat for three days as recommended on the bottle). It works to keep the she'll down when I use it after I clean with vinegar... But the vinegar also kills smells. Also... As long as a hedgie's cage is spot cleaned daily... It's easy to keep their smell down. -Nancy H.

by tcarleton.2010 on July 8, 2020

I got this for my hedgehog originally but have also been using it for my cat and it works great! Just a couple squirts on their food when I feed them and it really was within 3 days and I had noticed there was no more smell! -Tayler C.

by Jessica on November 21, 2019

I have a unique situation and have two intact males, and they create a lot of offputting musk smell between the two of them. Of course, I was skeptical and nervous about ordering this. I didn't want to make them sick or lose their appetites, and skeptical because their smell is pretty stubborn. After trying this, I order it again and again. It really did get rid of that smell and I no longer gag when I'm holding them, their pouch or being near their cage. This stuff is seriously amazing. If you're looking to get rid of muskiness with your critter, this is the spray for you!! -Jessica B.

by Anonymous on September 18, 2019

I tried this on gliders and a hedgehog. After at least two weeks of consistent use, I can say there has been little to no change in smell from my small creatures. If smell is an issue, I would recommend getting activated charcoal for the room. This product definitely was a waste of money. -Jessica S.

by Luis on August 25, 2019

I noticed the difference -Luis N. L.

by Jacki on April 28, 2019

This stuff did NOT work at will with controlling the smell of my sugar gliders! -Jacqueline M.

[Response from Seller: We're sorry to hear the product didn't work as expected! Please contact our support team directly so that we can confirm if the product was being used as directed. Thank you.]

by Jimmiedale on January 8, 2019

This product I've been using a few years. I spray it on the pellets and it really helps to eliminate any smell -Patricia H.

by Anonymous on May 7, 2018

Gliders dont seem to notice but my nose has seen a difference! Happy with the product. -Barbara C.

by mwmranch on February 12, 2018

This product does help some with the smell, but be not use this with breeding and/or nursing animals, this product is good for birth control if you don't want animals reproducing.

by Anonymous on December 26, 2017

Amazing how quick and thorough this is! Will not be without it, pets or not.

by Anonymous on December 9, 2017

Works great. Highly recommend.

by Anonymous on December 1, 2017

I recently purchased, I can definitely see a vast improvement to my hedgehogs odor. I would definitely recommend this product as hedgehogs are definitely pooping machines!

by Anonymous on September 19, 2017

Recently purchased this product. Have been using it for a week. Very effective at neutralizing the smell of urine and waste for our hedgehog.

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